Well hello, slave. Your masters don’t like you getting the taste of freedom.

40,000 years of Secret History – watch it now

“My movie about the ANUNNAKI goes back to the SOURCE – the 22,500 clay tablets gifted to QUEEN VICTORIA…” ~ CHRIS EVERARD

These Babylonian tablets describe a huge pantheon of GODS who COME FROM THE STARS. These tablets are NOT on display to the public. They contain the ORIGINAL Great Flood history, information about the WATCHERS and most of all, describe the huge number of extraterrestrials who came here and created us – mankind – as their slaves using genetic-husbandry knowledge.

This film proves they bred a race of priests with prominent brow bones, huge noses and large eyes – they were the first ‘divine’ creations, and all Rabbis claim descent from this first wave of genetically created priests, who today consider themselves to be ‘the Chosen Ones’..

This film investigates the ‘GOYLEM’ [which means ‘lazy slave’ in Ashkenazi German-Yiddish – a Golem, or Goylem is an artificially created humanoid slave]… And ‘ADAM’ was the first man, or, we should say, the first ‘slave’ created by the Anunnaki in the Babylonian tablets.