UK Minister: Snitch on Your Neighbours If They Break Coronavirus Rules

Police officers wearing face masks and gloves due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stand on duty as activists from the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion demonstrate in Parliament Square in London on September 2, 2020, on the second day of their new season of "mass rebellions". - Climate protest group Extinction …

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Policing minister Kit Malthouse has said that people should snitch on their neighbours if they think they are breaking the new coronavirus rules. He said he also hopes to roll out “COVID-secure marshalls” across the country to help enforce public “compliance”.

From Monday, it is illegal for Britons to gather in groups of more than six in public or private, indoors or outside. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week when he announced the measures that people breaking the law would be told to disperse, fined, or even arrested.

BBC Radio 4’s Today host Mishal Husain asked Mr Malthouse today whether people should snitch on their neighbours if they suspect they are breaking the law.

The policing minister responded: “If people are concerned, if they do think there has been a contravention, then that option is open to them.”

“It’s open to neighbours to do exactly that through the non-emergency number. If they are concerned and they do see that kind of thing, then absolutely they should think about that,” Malthouse added.

When explicitly asked if people should call the police on their neighbours, he said bluntly: “Yes.”

Prime Minister Johnson also raised the prospect of introducing “COVID Secure Marshalls” who will “help ensure social distancing in town and city centres”.

Mr Malthouse claimed the marshalls had “proven themselves to be quite useful” in other parts of the country, “engaging” with people in high streets and city centres in “making sure we get good compliance”.

Former Supreme Court judge Lord Jonathan Sumption said that the new rules were unenforceable, writingin a letter to The Sunday Times: “The ban on socialising in groups of more than six is unenforceable except in a Stasi-style surveillance state with a poisonous network of informers.”

Later speaking to LBC, the former senior judge criticised the government for its initially prolonged lockdown, which he said had met its useful end at around April 11th, when the NHS’s intensive care capacity was increased to its peak to cope with the then-projected high number of cases.

The government strategy since May had “lost its way”, the judge said, “when they continued lockdown after its only sensible objective had been achieved.

“The problem with the government’s present policy is that it is not possible for governments to get control of a virus that has become endemic without taking steps which are so brutal and intrusive as to destroy our society, our economy, our children’s education, and everything that makes it worthwhile to be alive.”

Lord Sumption added that of the many lessons revealed from the progress of the virus, the “most striking” is that it does not seem to make a difference what government action is taken.

“So you have the minimum government action in Sweden, the maximum government action in Spain and what is the result? Spain is currently much worse off than Sweden” he said.



Even the CDC is now admitting that only 6% of the deaths being reported as “COVID-19” deaths are actually people who died OF the ChiCom Virus…of COVID-1984.
That’s 6% of their reported 174,470 deaths…..which means approximately 10,500…..which is one fifth, or less, of the number who die, every year, during the annual ‘flu season.’

… “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.” – CDC…

All of the other deaths had one or more ‘comorbidities.’

Comorbidities could be any of a host of other ailments–pre-existing health problems–complications which could put someone over the top.

This is NOT a “pandemic.”
This IS a scam.
And a farce.


I’ll go ya one better:…
Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science
(summary of the what, now??)





16 Responses to “UK Minister: Snitch on Your Neighbours If They Break Coronavirus Rules”

  1. Prometheus says:

    In our neighbourhood, what we are doing now is snitching on PCSO’s. PCSO’s are literally karens, brown-shirts, mini Hitlers. We’re posting leaflets about the fake virus. Posting websites etc. to inform the public. Making people aware of certain PCSO’s who clearly don’t have a clue and are brainwashed.

    Boris has said ‘local lockdowns’. Absolutely agree. Yeah… lockdown on SJW’s under the guise of Covid. You are not having your ‘New Normal’. You are not having your ‘New World Order’ either. And we are exposing 5G… the next Covid scam too.

    Sod off! 🙂 🙂

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Turn the tables on our would be Stasi chief Kit Malthouse 🙂

    I suggest going through his financial and political history lifestyle choices and day to day activities. Obviously report him to the authorities and make the evidence public at the same time. Wonder how long he would last if his neighbours colleagues and acquaintances made a concerted effort ?

    A cursory effort reveals ….
    As Deputy Leader of Westminster Council, Malthouse was responsible for agreeing to a £12.3 million settlement with Shirley Porter over the £27 million surcharge, eventually raising to £42 million in costs and interest, imposed on her as a result of the Homes for Votes gerrymandering fraud scandal.
    Born: 27 October 1966, Aigburth

  3. sovereigntea says:

    It seems that Kit Malthouse let Porter off rather lightly thus shortchanging the public. Once also wonders why no criminal charges were laid on fraudster Porter ?

  4. sovereigntea says:

    A seven-year inquiry found her guilty of wrongdoing during the affair designed to boost the Tories’ electoral prospects. But it took years of battling in the courts to try to obtain £42m in surcharges from Dame Shirley, 73, to pay back the council the cost of her policies.

    Westminster council froze £35m in trusts linked to Dame Shirley, a Tesco heiress, and her family. But it faced court cases as far afield as Israel, Guernsey and the British Virgin islands to obtain the cash, which was held in various offshore accounts and family trusts.

    Yesterday the council said it had reached a final settlement with Dame Shirley, who is now free to return to Britain from her home in Israel, to draw a line under the affair.

    On 1 July she wired over £12.3m in cash to Westminster Council’s bank account.

    “We wanted to get the best final result for Westminster and its residents that we could,” said Kit Malthouse, the council’s deputy leader. “As far as I am concerned this can be filed, archived and forgotten.”

    But yesterday Peter Bradley, Lab

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Malthouse appears to be in favour of the deployment of israeli drones over UK skies replacing police helicopters. Should we trust Malthouse and his israeli chums ?

  6. sovereigntea says:

    How ironic that our snitching advocate minister Kit Malthouse has a wife that is an advocate of civil liberties ???

    uliana Farha is a member of The Fawcett Society and Liberty, and she supports other human rights and civil liberties organisations.
    She is married to Kit Malthouse, the Conservative Member of Parliament for North West Hampshire. They have two children.

  7. Aldous says:

    Will no one rid you of these troublesome tory pricks?

    • stevie k says:

      What would you rather have Aldous? Troublesome Labour pricks, troublesome liberals pricks? They’re mostly all (treasonous) pricks whatever the party.

      • Aldous says:

        You are absolutely right Stevie. The LibLabConspiracy/Contrick is alive and well – the one damn puppet party with three damn names. In office but NEVER in power.

        I kept the comment brief wrt St Thomas Becket after using the term prick instead of priest. I have a slight speech impediment after losing an argument with a Chinese waiter who also happened to own the damn place along with his Triad friends.
        I only tried correcting him when he said ‘flied lice’ and I said it’s ‘fried rice’ actually. I thought i was just trying to be helpful with language skills etc.
        He stood motionless for what seemed like forever before going absolutely mad and ordering me and my friends to leave! I tried to backpedal and even wished him a ‘rice day’ which didn’t go down at all well.
        Some slant friends of his came over and we were probably lucky to get out of there alive.
        I knew I had upset him when he shouted after us ‘I know how to say fried rice you plick!’ Oops.

    • stevie k says:

      Thanks for the humour Aldous it did make me laugh although flied lice might be an accurate description seeing some of the kitchens l’ve worked in while doing maintenance work.

  8. Aldous says:

    Seriously, what do those idiot cops look like? All wearing face diapers and their symbolic, masonic chequerboard hat bands signifying ‘we certainly work for the corporation(s) and definitely not for you proles’. Sad but true.

    • emm jay says:

      Oh Aldous, that conjured up Benny Hill back in the day, and did make me lol, thanks! Perhaps also Benny’s take on the pc’s (deliberate lower case) Why they no risten? Sirri iriots. 🙂

  9. Aldous says:

    No doubt that if it had been so-called ‘pride month’ (June?) – meaning the rest of the year is ‘straight months'(?) – the baby blue face diapers and gloves would have had a somewhat rainbow theme about them?
    Probably in the post for next year.

  10. Tom74 says:

    Fascism is coming home. I’m just so glad I voted for Corbyn in December – I can still look myself in the mirror.

    • Aldous says:

      I know what you mean Tom but Corbyn imho wouldn’t have changed a thing, especially regarding what’s happening now and planned for decades.
      I vaguely remember when BoJo reluctantly relinquished the ultra-safe Henley(?) seat before being shoehorned into becoming London Mayor. He initially wanted to double-job I think.
      Didn’t Labour get pushed into 5th place behind the National Front? Some Labour twerp (Pound?) went as far as to say he felt suicidal over the result – wish he had and done the UK and world a favour.

      • stevie k says:

        At least his brother appears to have a pair of balls, I’ve never been totally convinced about Piers but he seems to be spot on with things at the moment.

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