This Fraud is Now Blindingly Obvious

The latest development in England is so awful, so indefensible, so ruthless, so unnecessary and so cruel that I have to write this piece so that everyone realises just how obvious this fraud is now becoming.

None of what is happening is accidental or a result of misfortune. The closures, the chaos, the uncertainty are, in my view, all deliberate. They are all part of the plan.

The people behind Agenda 21 and the Global Reset are determined to keep us shut in our homes for work and play. They want children to be schooled through the internet. They want all shopping to be done online. They don’t want us meeting in cafes or pubs or restaurants where we can discuss what is happening. They want to turn us into subservient drones – doing what we are told to do and nothing much else.

The new rules introduced today for England (and likely to spread wider very soon) will, I believe, result in the permanent closure of many pubs, cafes and restaurants.

And, of course, the shutdowns mean that demonstrations and public meetings are now illegal – and banned.

We can’t vote. The mass media lies. And we can’t have public meetings. We are prisoners in our own country.

But just look at the facts behind the latest closures.

On 8th September 2020 in the UK, covid supremo Matt Hancock announced that the number of positive tests is going up. Of course the number has gone up – they are doing far more testing.

What he did not say (because it would have been inconvenient) was that most of the positive tests are false.

Nor did he say that most of those testing positive are young and have no or few symptoms.

And nor did he mention that the number of covid-19 deaths has been falling for weeks.

In England and Wales in the last week of August it seems that a total of 73 people who had tested positive for coronavirus in the previous 28 days had died with the coronavirus.

This does NOT mean that 73 people died of covid-19.

It means that 73 people might have died with the coronavirus. With it not of it.

Figures in the US suggest that 90% of these possibly died from something else – which would mean that the total covid-19 deaths in England and Wales for the last week of August was probably around 7.

But even if all 73 really did die of covid-19 this was the lowest number of deaths involving covid-19 in the last 24 weeks.

And the number of covid-19 deaths had fallen by 26.8% from the previous week.

However, the total number of deaths in England and Wales went up and reached 9,032. This is 9.6% above the five year average.

And that was almost certainly a result of the lockdowns and the closure of hospital departments. In other words an extra 900 deaths.

So covid-19 is now a very minor death threat.

And though the number of people dying because of the lockdowns and laws and restrictions is far, far greater than the number dying of this now rapidly disappearing disease they’re bringing in new laws.

The Government has refused to release suicide figures but in an average year more than 100 people commit suicide every week in the UK.

And it is widely accepted that the suicide rate is rising fast. What a surprise that is!

So suicide kills more than covid-19.

Almost every disease you’ve heard of now kills more than covid-19.

And yet Matt Hancock has decided to put England back into something that looks, tastes and feels very much like a vaguely watered down house arrest.

It is patently clear that there is absolutely no reason for the current tougher rules which are resulting in the closure of cafes and pubs and destroying business, family and social life.

However, I fear there is a real chance that these new laws will stay.

I fear they want to cancel Christmas this year. Heaven forbid that we should celebrate a religious festival or have any fun. Most retailers rely on Christmas sales. If town and city centres are destroyed for another couple of months then there will be no shops in 2021.

And if cafes, pubs and restaurants are shut for another month or two then most of them will die for ever.

None of this is accidental, in my view.

And, in my opinion, none of it is due to the coronavirus. None of these new laws is due to covid-19. The evidence shows that covid-19 is, relatively speaking, now almost insignificant. The British government’s figures show that less than 1% of weekly deaths can possibly be connected to covid-19.

Similar figures for other countries – such as Australia – confirm that we are being bullied, harassed, oppressed, silenced and punished because that’s what they can do – not because it’s what they need to do.

There has been a coup. None of what is happening is necessary or rational. Hancock says the virus is dangerous in a social setting but harmless in an office. How stupid does he think we are? This is the insane government which tells the young they must stay in to protect the elderly and then puts DNR notices on everyone over 60 or 65. And, of course, they killed tens of thousands in care homes.

And the Government is working with Bill Gates who wants to reduce the world’s population and then, at the same time, wants to vaccinate everyone to save lives. Nothing makes sense.

There can be no mistake: in my view this is the biggest fraud in human history.

By the way, the British Government is apparently helping the people of Belarus get a democracy and a free press. That’s nice. Perhaps the Belarus Government would return the favour and help the people of Britain get democracy and a free press. I think we may need it more than they do.

Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. The transcript for this video is on my website Print out copies and share them.

We are fighting for our lives.

But we aren’t fighting a virus. We are fighting a corrupt and dishonest Government which is serving the interests of those behind Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum. It seems almost as if they want to create civil unrest and civil disobedience so that they can bring in the military.

Covid-19 is now a minor illness and yet they are still working on vaccines for it. Governments are spending a fortune buying millions of doses. The news today in the New York Times is that a volunteer in the Oxford University Astra Zeneca trial has allegedly been diagnosed with transverse myelitis – an inflammation of the spinal cord which may cause permanent damage. There is no cure. This is the second time this trial has had to be stopped because of a side effect. I would rather eat a pound of nettles every day for the rest of my life than have any of these vaccines. They are alleged to be testing 30,000 very healthy volunteers though since the trial has been suspended they presumably haven’t done that many yet. If both volunteers who were made ill had transverse myelitis, and we don’t know yet, that would mean that if Gates manages to get 7 billion people vaccinated then at least 450,000 healthy people could become permanently paralysed. Of course, if another volunteer falls ill then the numbers get even worse. And I don’t know how many people have been tested so far. The pro-vaxxers presumably think the risk/benefit ratio is acceptable. I don’t.

And yet anyone who questions vaccine safety is regarded as a `nut’ by the Government and the media. So far the British Government has pre-ordered 380 million doses of various vaccines – that’s more than five vaccines per person. Since it’s my money they’re spending, I’d rather have a malt whisky which would, I believe, do me far more good than five of any of their deadly vaccines.

Please, send this video to your MP and demand that he speaks up on your behalf. Remind him or her that they work for you. And that when we are allowed to vote we will make our voices heard.

Finally, I would like to thank the founder and the team at Brand New Tube for welcoming me so generously. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to feel free to share the truth without being banned or censored. I suspect YouTube would have banned this video before I’d finished speaking.

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Distrust the Government
Avoid Mass Media
Fight the lies

It may sometimes seem as though you are alone. But you aren’t. More and more people are waking up. And we will win this war. If you haven’t already printed out leaflets from my website please do so. Get a few hundred copies from your local print shop and hand them out. There are no ads on the website or on my videos.

Oh, and if you do visit mass media websites put messages on every news item. If you put messages onto covid-19 news stories the trolling censors will probably remove them. So put your messages asking people to watch this video or to visit my website at the end of stories on mass media websites about the increasingly bizarre royal family, synchronised swimming or the evil bankers who are trying to destroy our lives and our will.

I’m sorry this is short and there aren’t any jokes. I just wanted to get this out fast.

Thanks for watching the old man in a chair.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 9th 2020