They have declared war on our children

The Anti-English hatred in our Universities!

The leader of the Student’s Union, Larissa Kennedy, said non-white, transgender and gay people should be allowed to return to class and white people should NOT be allowed to return to university.



They have declared war on our children!

Kennedy has a long history of radical activism and is president of the “anti-racism” society at Warwick University, but anti-English RACISM is clearly okay with her!

Native English people are MASSIVELY underrepresented in our universities and White English students are increasingly facing BLATANT DISCRIMINATION.

They literally want us to disappear!

Top Universities like Winchester and Dulwich have REJECTED an offer to fund the education of poor white English boys.

Schools in majority English areas are DELIBERATELY deprived of funds by the Tories and Labour….all in the name of EQUALITY!


In years to come, what will you tell your children and grandchildren when they ask you what did you do, Henry, to stop the radicals from destroying their lives?

Today is your first step in joining a REAL English Resistance!

Let’s get to work today, join today and reclaim England for our children and grandchildren, Glen!

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Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats