They burn heretics don’t they?

by Jon Davy

Andrew Wakefield, Dolores Cahill, Kate Shemirani etc etc etc etc.

It is very observable how the media and internet corporations mobilise to thoroughly vilify ANYONE who has the temerity to question a narrative or suggest an alternative to Big Pharma solutions, including of course the current fake epidemic.

The attacks on these people, of course, are vicious, mendacious and cruel and one is reminded of how the Church once treated heretics who dared suggest the Earth went around the sun and so forth.

The attacks are based on the premise that such people are “dangerous”, much as heretics were once “dangerous”. It is an effort to cut the lines of communication  between those heretics and the rest of humanity.

The word “heretic”, by the way, is from the Ancient Greek αἱρετικός ( hairetikós), which means “ able to choose“.

So these heretics are dangerous are they? Dangerous to whom exactly? The viciousness of the attacks on them suggests that they are primarily dangerous to the vested interests behind those attacks.

There is an effort to silence or exclude from the conversation those at variance with the “orthodox” position. Almost always those who are attacked, slandered and vilified, called “charlatans” and “crooks” and “conspiracy theorists” ( an almost meaningless, puerile epithet invented by the CIA when the art of slagging people off was still in its infancy) and so forth are people one way or another in disagreement with the Big Pharma narrative.

The Big Pharma narrative  and the “dosing-the-human-organism-with-chemicals-is-the-only-solution” paradigm  has become the modern orthodoxy none may challenge on pain of metaphorical crucifixion.

Why is Big Pharma’s narrative the modern orthodoxy? Well, basically because Big Pharma says it is and crucifies anybody who says otherwise.

The effort by, for example, You Tube, to silence all voices that question the Big Pharma orthodoxy, especially on key issues such as vaccines and the fake epidemic, is based on the unspoken, implied yet uncompromising assertion that Big Pharma has all the answers, knows everything about everything so far as what is “good” for people is concerned and is so thoroughly wise and all knowing that any contradiction or question of it, any effort to present some other narrative for people’s consideration should be expunged.

It also implies that alongside Big Pharma’s omniscience, those not so blessed with superior intellects (ie the likes of you and me and other gullible riffraff) should not be exposed to such alternative narratives lest we poor things come to some harm, such as, presumably, our weak brains imploding or millions of us concluding – erroneously – that the world does not orbit Big Pharma.

Of course, there is another inference one can draw from this.

One attempts to shut people up when knows one’s own argument is weak and, much like the Sun-goes-around-the-Earth nonsense, cannot withstand the harsh glare of scrutiny.

Of course these are milder times and, today, Big Pharma has to confine itself to getting heretics slagged off in the media and banned by YouTube.

Back in the day, the high priests of the extant orthodoxy  could really let rip vengeance-wise and set light to the poor buggers.

Even so, no-one believes the Sun goes around the Earth anymore.

You always know when an orthodoxy is on its way out. It starts burning heretics, literally or metaphorically.

They burn heretics don’t they?