The opposite of war is peace

Or is truth the opposite of war?  War is impossible without the attendant lies.  That’s for sure.

Blair painted by Jason Liosatos.

It’s all about creating fear in the population says Anna Trees.

September 18 at 7:28 PM 
Former BBC journalist Anna Brees does not think the public are “getting the truth” about the pandemic from the mainstream media and the government: “It’s starting to look sinister”.
Speaking to talkRADIO’s Mark Dolan, Anna said “I want to know who is controlling what Boris Johnson says… you do not use language like that unless you want to induce fear… I don’t know who is behind this but I’m determined to find out”.

Why doesn’t she says what she knows?  She’s simply adding to the negativity without offering any information.  Hasn’t she heard of Bill Gates?  The CDC.  Dr Fauci.  This is media pretending to be media.  Next.