The Infiltrated Revolution



by Miles Mathis

There have been big Corona protests all over the world in the past week, including in Berlin and a large one in London. I don’t believe they were manufactured, but they were definitely infiltrated. Of the tens of thousands who showed up, thousands were hired to blackwash the movement by holding up purposely stupid signs or to act crazy. But more importantly the protests were infiltrated directly from the podium, where the German and British governments cleverly installed their own “leaders” of the movement. In London, the protest was also purposely limited by holding it in the smallish Trafalgar square, where only a few thousand could possibly gather.

In London, these fake leaders included David Icke, Piers Corbyn, and Vernon Coleman—all three have strong previous ties to the mainstream media and are obviously trying to control the opposition.

I have previously outed David Icke. Piers Corbyn is the brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and he has previous ties to the Heartland Institute, a huge red flag. And guess what he looks like:

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They make this so easy. He might as well be wearing purple robes. Ditto for Vernon Coleman,

who they have been pushing on Youtube to warm us up for his Covid appearances. There, he has been careful to say everything right, to appeal to his audience, but his bio gives him away. He worked for the Sunday People up until 2003, and has had several books promoted by major publishers and The Sunday Times bestseller lists, despite allegedly being counter-mainstream. That doesn’t happen unless you are controlled opposition. You will never see the mainstream publishing my books or promoting me. Just the opposite. So when we see The Economist say “he is the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood, and the Equalizer rolled into one”, we know something is wrong. The Glasgow Evening Times has called him a “national treasure”. The Sunday Mirror has said he is “compulsive reading”. BBC World has called him “refreshingly sensible”. You may want to remind yourself who owns all those media outlets.

Again, he has been promoted by The Economist, of all places. The Economist, which specializes in horntooting for privatization and deregulation. The Economist, which is firmly in the pocket of big pharma and big medicine. The Economist, which is majority-owned by the Agnelli family, founders of


Fiat, and famous for being big supporters of Mussolini. That is, fascism. That family and company has been accused of corruption from the beginning, and is famous in Italy for being convicted in the 1990s of massive fraud, bribery, and general skullduggery.

At Amazon, we learn Coleman is published by the European Medical Journal, which is now pushing Covid. That seems strange, doesn’t it? This is a guy who is most famous for saying you are most likely to be killed by your doctor, and yet he is published by the European Medical Journal? How does that make any sense, unless he is controlled opposition. Yes, he is right about some things, but that is how it is done. You control the opposition by telling them a lot of things they already know and want to hear, then spin them off. He is right about vaccines, for instance, but among his other 100 books are titles like The Coming Apocalypse and Are you Living with a Psychopath?

He also has a book entitled The 100 Greatest Englishmen and Women. This isn’t just a mainstream list, these are his “personal heroes”. Oliver Cromwell is number 4. Churchill is number 7. William Wilberforce is high on the list. See the other paper I published today. William Petty is at #22: Petty was Cromwell’s Jewish land surveyor, mapping out lands to be stolen in war and given to his soldiers. Like everyone else on the list, he was a big crook. John Lilburne is #30. You really have to read his Wiki page, if you don’t know who he was. Here is just a taste:

On 18 April 1638 Lilburne was fogged with a three-thonged whip on his bare back, as he was dragged by his hands tied to the rear of an ox cart from Fleet Prison to the pillory at Westminster. He was then forced to stoop in the pillory where he still managed to campaign against his censors, while distributing more unlicensed literature to the crowds.[7] He was then gagged. Finally he was thrown in prison. He was taken back to the court and again imprisoned. During his imprisonment in Fleet he was cruelly treated.[12] While in prison he however managed to write and to get printed in 1638 an account of his own punishment styled The Work of the Beast and in 1639 an apology for separation from the church of England, entitled Come out of her, my people.

He distributed unlicensed literature while in the pillory? And we are supposed to believe that? And while in prison for publishing without a license, he wrote and published two more books? Yeah, I bet he did. You can see why he is a hero of Coleman.

Robert Peel is #40. You remember him from the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s. He was Home Secretary, secret head of Intelligence, and later Prime Minister. I doubt any real revolutionaries or Robin Hoods have him on their heroes lists. I don’t.

I hadn’t meant to out Coleman coming in, but it was too easy to pass up.

But let’s return to Icke. The first thing I noticed is how fat he has gotten. This is an ex-athlete, my friends, who now looks like he has swallowed a beach ball. You will say he is getting old, but he is only 11 years older than I am. He isn’t even 70. But again, this is how the Phoenicians age. The lying projects don’t agree with them, health-wise or looks-wise.

The mainstream is using Icke and QAnon supporters to blackwash the Covid protests, so we have to ask who invited these people? You don’t have to be invited to be in the crowd, of course, but you do have to be invited to make it on the stage to speak, or to stand behind the speakers on the stage with a banner or mask/costume. So again, who managed all that? After the fact, it is pretty clear it was all staged, and we should have known going in that it would be. So here is my suggestion to those who aren’t happy about it:

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Don’t put up with it! At the next similar big protest, make your own plans going in. Gather a few dozen very noisy people, preferably women with high loud voices, flanked by some big guys as muscle, and park it near the stage. Then heckle, boo, and throw (non dangerous) things at the planted speakers. Bring your own bullhorns and drown them out. You have just as much right to speak as they do, or actually more, since you are a real person, not a hired actor. Refuse to let these protests be coopted and run by mainstream media whores and plants.

During Icke’s speech, it was clear they had packed the crowd near the stage with their own cheering goonsquad. So if you feel outnumbered, there are other things you can do. Like bring some crates and a plank and set up your own stage at the opposite end of the crowd. Bring your own speakers and bullhorns, and tell more truth than the bozos on the big stage. It shouldn’t be hard. Put your most charismatic people forward. The main stage had very little beauty, charisma, or panache, so it shouldn’t be hard to beat. Beat them at their own game. Put on a better show. Put animals and children on your stage. Put on jugglers and acrobats, singers and poets, real doctors and scientists. All these people were already in the crowd—there was talent wasted, as usual. The only thing lacking was coordination. But that is what the internet is for. Use their tools against them.

The bottom line: you don’t have to let them coordinate and infiltrate everything, even protests. It would take very little work to walk around them. But you have to want to do it. You have to take control, instead of letting them have it. And you have to be prepared to filter. No matter what you do, they will try to infiltrate it. As soon as you start planning something, the spooks will show up, so be on the lookout for them. Don’t be afraid to finger them and tell them to take a hike. If you don’t they will turn everything you try to do into crud.

In Icke’s little speech, he compares himself to Huxley and Orwell, who, like him, were able to predict what is now happening. What he forgets to tell you is what else he and those guys have in common: they are all agents. Icke tells the audience Covid is fake, then asks why it was faked. Does he give you the answer I have? No. He doesn’t tell you it acted as a cover for the present multi-trillion- dollar/pound theft from worldwide treasuries. Instead, he keeps your eyes on the future and off the present and recent past: it is about something they have planned, some longterm goal that is just now coming to fruition. But it isn’t. Fascism isn’t a danger. It isn’t something that might happen if you don’t act now. You have been living under heavy fascism all your life, and this Covid thing is just the current hoax in a long line of similar hoaxes.

The Matrix isn’t in the future. Totalitarianism isn’t in the future or in some other country. It is where we have all been living for centuries. There is no coming apocalypse, no end times, nothing worse to fear in the future. This is it. You have been living in a tiny cage your entire life, and you have been taught to be your own jailor. This is why you will go to a protest, and even there you will watch these people control you, without doing anything about it. Even at a protest, you are a passive observer.

This is why Huxley and Orwell and Icke were able to “predict” what is going on now: there was never any prediction involved. We were living in basically the same Matrix back then as we are now, so Huxley and Orwell weren’t telling you what might happen in the future. They were telling you what was already happening in the present, but setting it in the future, as a stunt. Remember, we have been through this whole Covid thing before: it was called the Spanish flu back then, but it was the exact same script, down to the masks. And it was used for the same reason: cover. The Spanish flu covered the end of WWI in 1918, preventing anyone from asking questions about that managed war. They couldn’t have people noticing how staged the whole collapse of Germany on Halloween was, with kings abdicating for no reason and Jewish socialists magically installing themselves as leaders and so

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on, so they invented this scary pandemic to keep everyone’s eyes and minds occupied for over a year. They faked and inflated numbers, assigning all deaths in that period to Spanish flu: same thing they are doing now. By the end of that year, everyone had “moved on”. Everyone was so relieved to have survived that pandemic, they didn’t think of looking back, at WWI or anything else. And most people will treat Covid the same way: they will be so grateful to have survived this “horrible pandemic”, they won’t think of questioning anything else that happened in 2020, including the massive thefts from the treasuries, the fake rioting, the fake BLM events, or anything else. They will move on as fast as possible, no questions asked.

As a controller of the opposition, Icke does tell a lot of truth. He has to, because his audience already knows some things. He has to mirror those things back to them to gain their ears. He is professional speaker: he has been yakking all his life, so he knows how to read an audience. What he read in London was this: these people in the audience are only half-woke, if that. They know Covid is fake, but they have no clue as to the bigger or longer picture. And most of them don’t want to know. They have no stomach for a revolution, for if they did they would be rushing the stage and throwing Icke and the rest of those people into garbage cans. These crowds were large, but they weren’t scary large. More people show up for rock concerts, which means what these people want most is normalcy. They just want the government to quit doing what it is currently doing, in a very limited sense. But Icke read no threat of an actual uprising. If he had, the police would have come in and shut the whole thing down.

For that reason, Icke knew very few in the audience were there for a further education. They weren’t there to learn anything. A small percentage might have welcomed someone like me to tell them some things they didn’t already know, but the majority would have shown me the exit in short order. So Icke knew all he had to do is waddle around for a few minutes repeating what had already been said a thousand times, while pretending to be a revolutionary. He knew he could count on his comrades in the media to later either spin him hard positive or hard negative, as the case may be, so all he had to do is show up and avoid falling down.

All he had to do is flatter the audience by quoting Shelley, telling him they were many and their leaders were few. As if it was a contest of numbers. All they had to do was show up with a sign and be counted. That is what a revolution now consists of, apparently. Except that the few know otherwise. The few have hired many, and they are willing to work everyday maintaining their hegemony. They are willing to lie and cheat and steal all the livelong day, year after year and decade after decade. If they suffer a small reversal, they keep coming back, like cockroaches. They never quit.

The few plan ahead: probably between 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 in that London crowd was planted by British Intelligence, to monitor the event and control it. So what are you, the many, willing to do? The few are organized. Are you? The few are relentless. Are you? The few are entrenched in all the positions of power all over the world. Yes, you could dislodge them, but you won’t do it by holding up signs or standing around listening to David Icke speak. These people are serious, and they have you buried deep. So you had better buy a large shovel, locate the direction up, and be prepared for a long dig. While you are digging, you can continue to wake up. It may take a while, because I think you will find you are far from woke. Revolution is possible, but not until the awakening progresses far beyond where it already is. The level of wokeness currently on display is not enough to worry anyone, which is exactly what the speakers in London and Berlin counted on. It is what the Governors in the US counted on, knowing they could bluff most people into doing what they were told without a single law being passed. And it is what Bill Gates and the other managers of this entire project expected to find when they ran this latest test. There had been some flickers in the Matrix recently, and they needed to

page5image4055352832 page5image4055353168

see how deep those flickers ran.

Unfortunately, their test was only able to measure how wide those flickers ran, not how deep. I can tell you what they think they have seen. They have seen that the flickers are far wider and more numerous than in the 1950s, but still not very wide and not very numerous. Most people are still policing themselves admirably. But I remind them that fissures in a rock are not measured that way. It isn’t the number of fissures or the width of the fissures that matters. It is the depth of the main fissure. One deep fissure can crack the entire rock in half, at which point it simply falls to the side from its own inertia.