Surviving in the age of Covid

It’s still hard to believe that the world is run by governments who can’t take the simplest of decisions.  Since birth it is drummed into you that you must respect authority, listen to your elders and betters, and do as you told.  All through school, children who don’t obey have something wrong with them, and they have to be disciplined.  Thinking for yourself is probably the gravest sin you can commit, bar murder or rape.  And even then, I am not sure.  All the while you are told you have to learn to think for yourself, but only if your every thought and impulse accords with those considered acceptable to authority.  In my day a quick dose of the cane would follow any attempt to break free of the rules, or show too much willingness to ‘have ideas’.

In secret I developed my own notions of rebellion while acting out a perfect performance of what was required as a way to ensure the minimum amount of censure, while satisfying my own desire to understand what the world was really all about.  Of one thing I was certain, what we were being fed was not correct.  But daring to say so to anyone else was a risk not worth taking.  Rebellion had to become a silent performance, and in many ways still does even to this day.

As I met adulthood, I was predisposed to rebel and go my own way, but at the same time I was able to put on a posh voice and con anyone that I was obeying all the rules same as they were.  It was not what I wanted life to be – effectively to become a con artist, but it was necessary in order to survive.

Latterly I found the world of alternative thought and have spent many years now reading authors who dared to think for themselves and do their own research, organise groups and express their version of events.  It has been a wonderfully interesting journey.  I contributed to some extent with my writings on business, which focus exclusively on the human side of what’s going on, and which are a denial of the primacy of money – although all the filthy tricks of the bankers have to be dealt with and survived.  I wrote political leaflets for UKIP twenty years ago and found ways to interest people in the eurosceptic viewpoint.  It was rebellion from within the system, and it took me ’til much later to take the final step and realise the system had no intention of being real at all.  As it took me so long to fathom it out, I should not be surprised that for most people who tend to conform more willingly, not complying is still a step too far from their comfort zone.

The majority of people amazingly still trust the government to act in their interests, and try to get things right.  It is totally clear that they have little interest at all in getting things right.  Those who control governments have other agendas, like depopulation, total control and destruction of human life as we know it.  One reason people can’t take this leap of understanding is they fear having to think everything out from scratch.  All their given assumptions will be gone, and there will be a hard period of readjustment to go through.  It is stressful to do that, even for a former rebel, to let go of the reassuring nonsense educators have put into our minds.  For those who did what teacher told them, or were themselves the teachers handing out ‘wisdom’ to those of less understanding to themselves, to make such a change would threaten the very core of their being.  Yet were they to make that leap, they would, after a while, find it is actually less stressful not to have to bother trying to make sense of government announcements, that make no sense.

I get tired of people saying they are totally puzzled, and that nothing makes any sense, but the same people will not question their own deeply held assumptions as to what is going on.  That is actually the problem.  The government can issue total nonsense knowing that 90% of the people prefer to try and believe.  If only there were 50% who replied with an instant ‘this is not good enough’, they could not get away issuing nonsense day after day, and we could start to roll back the current assault on our beings.  There are two local examples of total nonsense.

My son’s school sent the sixth form of three hundred children home, as one pupil arriving from another country at the beginning of term took a COVID test, despite having no symptoms.  Of course it was a positive as the PCR test gives positives to pieces of fruit and monkeys, according to the president of Tanzania.  On the basis of that test on a single child who was not even ill, the whole sixth form was sent home for two weeks.

There is a large unused carpark near our house which is now full of SERCO and NHS vehicles where an emergency testing station has been set up.  There are sometimes fifty people working there.  Yet only about one test is processed there every hour.  How can this be so, say all the neighbours?  Central government wants testing to get to the max to accelerate an economic collapse for the bankers, and at the same time give the media reassuring reports as to testing capacity.  Another branch of government (Local) is trying to stop the economy from being crashed, and all the schools  from being closed.  Only people with symptoms are allowed to be tested now (symptoms no longer include having a temperature – fever –  but now incorporate loss of taste and smell.  Anyone know why the symptoms keep chnaging?  Is it a new release of virus after the first one petered out a while back?).  And people cannot directly request a test.  They must get the headteacher of their school to submit a test application to the local COVID HUB, which will get a test organised as soon as it is possible to do so.  As the local government does not want people getting tested, the whole thing takes so long that by the time a test is made available, the symptoms, if any, should be gone.

Anyone trying to believe that any of this makes sense, will have a tough time of it, as it makes no sense at any level.

It would be much easier to let go of former notions of government competence and goodwill to all men, stop listening and form your own theory as to what is happening – to realise COVID is 99% a fake –  or at least a 99% failed attempt to launch a lab created pandemic on humanity.  The bio-terrorists Gates and Fauci won’t stop trying to launch viruses, which is maybe why symptoms keep changing, but so far the human immune system is holding strong.  It’s good to catch as many viruses as you can while they’re messing around failing in their endeavours with duds.  If they ever did succeed in attaching a serious pathogen like anthrax to the coronavirus, we would need all the help we could get.  Building up immunity to cross species coronavirus’ which are what are being launched against us is exactly what we should be doing.  There are dozens of laboratories in all parts of the globe, trying to build the perfect human-killing virus.  We need to get after these criminals, not be cowed in fear and submission to them and the incompetent governments that also live in fear of them.

The bioterrorists keep our governments jumping to their tune as if they don’t obey, their lives also can be put at risk.  Boris nearly died in April according to his father.  The bioterrorists don’t want us building up immunity to their trial runs so they ask for us to be locked down, and Boris obeys.  If more people could face the fact that we are under attack from centralised financial medical powers, who regularly launch fake epidemics, then we could do more to resist and fight back.  Come on, teacher.  Try to open your mind, and break the habits of a lifetime.  Think for yourself, tell the government to raise its game and survive.  It’s no longer a cultural necessity to escape the thick end of authority, for the sake of your mental health.  It’s now about your survival total.  We need you to swap sides while we still can halt the charge of the bio-terrorists.

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