Sibling marriages. Covered up by the church.

So much of what we were taught as history is wrong.  When it comes to religion, even more has been falsified.  If you haven’t read any Ralph Ellis his lectures are more available than they used to be.  I find them fascinating to listen to.  Some Tap News readers would enjoy them, I am sure.

‘Raising Lazarus’ explained as a Freemasonic ritual, raising to the third degree.

Mary Magdalene was the sister wife of King Jesus, who was a Freemason (not a carpenter).

This is about one thousandth of Ralph’s output, all of it riveting to anyone who is historically minded.

Many of his sources are Syriac.

Roman temples in Syria are the largest and richest in the Roman Empire, like Balbec – now in Lebanon, or Palmyra still in Syria.

The dead cities of Aleppo were abandoned after 8th century invasion by Moslems.  Houses and churches still standing.

If you don’t deprogramme your mind from all the fakery of religion, you won’t be able to understand the world.

Ellis is driven by the love of his subject.  His readers might be looking for help in freeing their minds from the media and all the brainwashing of a lifetime.

Mary Magdalene was the richest women in Syria in the 1st century AD, the richest part of the ancient world.

This royal biblical family spent their wealth on fighting Rome, fighting a war which they lost – the Jewish Revolt.

Vespasion took their money and built the Colosseum.

Jesus was taken as a prisoner to Rome.  Mary Magdalene escaped to France, after being left a pauper in devastated Jerusalem.

Here’s a more modern image of this important lady.  Look at Starbucks’ logo.








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