Scouse COVID test 100% effective.


Old fashioned ways are always the best.  No need for any doctors, scientists or politicians.  Test yourself – now.  Peace of mind at last.  Thanks to John Bishop.

Put that man into Downing Street.

The 10pm thingy might be part of another agenda.  I’ve noticed a big change in the way mobile signal arrives in our house since lockdown in March.  I can’t say exactly when it happened as we weren’t here until school restarted.  Before lockdown the signal strength was the same around the house and we could use phones anywhere at any time.  Since the lockdown the general signal is so weak, the phone can hardly be used at all in the house – except by going and sitting in the car or in the front garden.

But at around 4 to 5pm everything changes, and there is a massive signal which comes right into the house, and I mean, the milliwatts per square metre head up into the thousands where it used to be a hundred in a typical reading prior to lockdown.  This very high reading is all around the phone, and it lessens rapidly as you move away from the phone.  Once you are six metres away from the phone the reading is the same as the rest of the day or night, quite low on all dials.  Before lockdown the higher levels on the Volts per metre dial used to be hard to escape from, except by getting bricks and mortar  or silver bobbinet between you and the phone in use.  Now simple distance is enough.

This suggests that the new type of signal is directional whereas the pre-lockdown ones to the phone and from the phone were a broadcast.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is a tendency to feeling depressed after a long exposure to this new kind of signal.  Also chest pains around the heart.

Is this a 5G test going on in the evenings?  If everyone was down the pub there wouldn’t be much to test, so they have to get people home so they can test their phone usage, and try out all their in-house espionage systems.

The recent outbreak of colds over the last two weeks seem to be affecting older people again more than the young.  The young are protected not by experienced antibodies but by massive doses of Vitamin D which their bodies generate.  Older people have a lot less Vitamin D to throw at a virus but their immune systems are well educated with many viruses over a lifetime.  But that’s no help once the government starts releasing viruses that are transferred over from bats or other species, as our immune systems won’t recognise these.  We can boost our Vit D with exercise, pills and Infra Red lamps, but we are still struggling compared to the young.

Another weapon against viruses not often mentioned, for some reason, are flavenoids.  If you start coughing pull a rosehip off a bush and eat the shell, throwing away the seeds.  It usually stops the cough.  I buy Lamberts’ Immuno Strength which is full of Flavenoids and kicks in some extra power against coughs and colds.