“Science” Admits that the New “20-Minute Test” is Less Accurate than the PCR-Test.

This Cannot Be True.

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Sept 3, 2020

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Click to enlarge

Uh Oh!!
UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock says that ” … new Coronavirus tests that give results in 20 minutes will make an “enormous difference” in the UK’s fight against the pandemic, if they work.
One wonders what Hancock might mean by the word “work” in this context?
Does he mean “work” … as an accurate indicator of the presence of a particular viral illness’ (which the original PCR test is not) or
… “work” as an effective instrument of enslaving propaganda?
Well, that will depend on how readily the general public will buy into yet another big lie.
To emphasise the point, let’s look at what “The Science“ says about this new test:
This test, according to its creators, ” is not intended to replace the current gold standard PCR testing.”
The PCR Test pretends to detect a virus that no scientist can demonstrate has EVER been found. If you don’t know what RNA is in the fictitious COVID virus, how can you claim that RNA you do detect proves the existence of this thing you have never found. The whole thing is such a simple case of lying nonsense that the public cannot believe highly-paid experts would be capable of propagating such a falsehood.
Dr Andrew Kaufman explains what the words “gold standard” normally means relating to testing and spells out in detail what is going on with this phony PCR test.
He states that “positives” generated by the PCR test are 100% false positives (because there is no virus). Anyone who looks at the evidence honestly will find it impossible to disagree.
The ‘scientific’ article ends with this beauty:
” … it’s important to note however, it trades some detection sensitivity for speed and ease-of-use.”
Yeah. Right. Astonishingly, even this statement is untrue.
Everybody should be encouraged to REFUSE this test.
As Ellis Medavoy, one of the architects of the AIDS scam, said:
… “All that governments need to run a good pandemic is sick people (there’s always plenty of them) and testing. That’s it. Then just say the test is accurate. It works every time”.
If you want your brain fried by detailed information relating to Intelligence Services manipulation of reality on behalf of the criminals who employ them, read THIS (the Medavoy interview about how the AIDS narrative [that killed many, many thousands of people] was constructed and maintained). It’s 200+ pages long but you’ll never see the world the same way again.


“Science” Admits that the New “20-Minute Test” is Less Accurate than the PCR-Test.


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