David Icke is part of the 9/11 cover-up. Are the two Ickes controlled opposition?

Talking with Andrew Johnson who met David Icke and spoke to him for over two hours a few years ago, they find David a sympathetic character, and respect the large body of work he has put out over 25 years.

Icke exposed the Oklahoma City Bomb and demonstrated the official story was impossible, putting him on the radar of American Intelligence.  There were toasted cars as at 9/11, and the building collapsed in a similar way.  Some kind of new weapon.

WW2 being orchestrated by a higher cabal.  Warning everyone of a world government in 1992.

Totalitarian tiptoe.  Freemasons.  Trilateral Commission.  Bilderberg. He warned about Blair pre-1997, the fraudulent money system, and many other things to come.  Mind control.  MK Ultra.  Kathy O’Brian.  Mass shooting incidents official stories were impossible.

Alien life?  Animal mutilations?  Bloodlines.  Are aliens in charge?  It’s possible that an alien race manipulated the bloodlines.  He was writing pre-1997.

The people at the very top are possibly ETs, or are knowingly interacting with ETs in demonic rituals.  No mention of reptilians at that stage.

On a mainstream TV show This Week, he brings in shapeshifting lizards, in the Royal Family while being interviewed about 9/11.  He was allowed to mention his world tour by Andrew Neil.  This is when he started talking about Reptilians.  1998.

He claims in 1998 video to have met a contact from the CIA who informed him about things like advanced technologies.  ET life.  Anunaki.  Reptilian race interbred with humanity.  He says they are the same as the Anunaki.  Lloyd Pye did not say the Anunaki were reptilian, and they interbred with humans.  Shapeshifting comes into Icke’s work at this point.  A lot of information is sourced by a person known as Arizona Wilder.  It seems like he wove in the reptilian theme into the book he had already written.

Ivan T. Fraser was proof reading for Icke.  They fell out about the work, saying the Arizona Wilder stuff wasn’t worthwhile as her story was flimsy.  Fraser thinks she was sent to fool david Icke into putting a lot of stuff into his book The Biggest Secret. He also wasn’t happy with Credo Mutwa’s input, who also fed Icke with reptiliian theories.  See Icke’s interview with Arizona Wilder on youtube.

Why does he call her ‘Mother Goddess’? Was he being duped?  Stating that members of the Royal Family drinking blood and shapeshifting.  She was introduced by Desborough to Icke, who fed Icke various pieces of disinformation.  Her real name was not Arizona Wilder.  She later tried to distance herself from remarks she made in the interview.

Credo Mutwa is hypnotic, a Zulu shaman.  Alien races that came to earth and bred with humanity.  Mutwa details suggest he was favoured with mainstream exposure on TV.

Icke was asking Mutwa closed questions according to Fraser, and leading questions, to which Mutwa just says Yes.

Was Credo Mutwa an alien abductee as he alleges?  Fraser suggests Mutwa was victim of mind control.  Fraser? says CIA sent actors to David Icke’s talks to convince him of the reprtilian stories.  In 1997 Icke’s work was bang on.  But it got corrupted with the alien shapeshifting theme after that.

Bill Ryan of Camelot also interviewed Credo Mutwa.  Michael Tellinger interviewed Mutwa.  Mutwa swore accusing Tellinger of getting it wrong. Dubious witness?

Icke ignored Dr Judy Wood’s ‘Where did the towers go?’ even though Andrew Johnson met him and discussed the book, Icke apparently convinced by it, and then Icke was selling the book.  Why did Icke later drop the book and go for controlled demolition theory, instead of the dustification pointed out by Dr Judy Wood.  He refuses to mention her book, and is assisting the media to muddy the waters as to what happened on 9/11.


UPDATE – This went out 9th April 2017 although the video on youtube it’s transcribing was taken down years ago.  Now Gareth is joining David in the family business, you can read on Miles W Mathis that David Vaughan Icke is an aristocrat (Vaughan family) with insider connections, providing highly vocal opposition to World Government, but leading his followers nowhere, either politically or spiritually.  I’ll look for the link if I can turn it up.  Mathis needs a search bar.  www.mileswmathis.com/icke.pdf

Sent in by Pete.

In my opinion, Icke is from the families he is pretending to out, and his project is to blackwash conspiracy theories in general, by making them look as whacky as possible. This is what all the Reptilian shape-changer stuff is about. Like Ezra Pound, Bill Cooper, Eustace Mullins, and hundreds of others, Icke is an Anti, sent in to sully-by-association anyone who allies themselves to him, or resembles him in any way. They want to be sure that anyone who researches Jewish subjects, in

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whatever way, can be tarred and feathered with the same pot as Icke. I think that it is possible that, like Pound, Icke may someday soon be instructed to go completely mad, ending up in a mental institution. This will finally and abruptly blackwash all his statements about Zionists. But since he has appeared half-mad all along, this may not be necessary.

Notice that another prominent plank of Icke’s theorizing is that our world is a hologram, beamed from the Moon or Saturn. Except for the part about Saturn, he shares this theory with mainstream science as sold at such places as Scientific American and other top science rags. Neither Icke nor the science mags are in good company there. On my science site, I have deconstructed this project thoroughly in many papers. It is a conspicuous project of Western Intel, another subset of the old Operation Chaos, by which worldwide Intelligence attempts to explain to you the source of your own confusion. It isn’t that you are purposely miseducated, taught a lot of contradictory things to keep you disempowered. It isn’t that all problems—scientific and non-scientific—are vastly overcomplicated, to keep you from progressing. It isn’t that the media is one gigantic lie. It isn’t that you are kept miserable and confused so that you will spend more money to compensate. It isn’t that you are kept in a state of managed fear and anxiety and panic, to the same end. No, according to them, the problem is that you are a brain in a tank, fed information from the Moon in the form of holography. You aren’t being hoaxed by crypto- Jewish governors, intent on stealing everything you own while you are in therapy; no, you are being hoaxed by aliens or Satanists or reptilians from another dimension.

Also notice that Icke has nourished a relationship with the far right, while I have simply outed it as another hoax. I have no relationship to the far right, and want none. I sell myself as an old-fashioned liberal (not neo-liberal), of the pre-Limbaugh definitions. Meaning that I am opposed to both the old- world-order of top-down control via lying and theft and the new-world-order of top-down control via lying and theft. Mainly I am for the truth and for a world not managed on every level by the hoaxing governors. I am against all the treasury-sucking schemes of the elite, and believe that public monies should go to real and useful projects. I am against raping the world and the majority of its people for profit.

But on a gut level, I think I am personally offended by the lies. I am offended that I have been lumped in with the sheep, expected to believe this stuff. I am offended that they are still trying to pass stuff by me in emails or phonecalls. I say to them, tell it to someone who might believe it. I am the one who did all this research, so you can’t fool me anymore. If you try, you are just exposing yourself. Some of them still try, though, which indicates to me they are just following orders. They haven’t read my papers—beyond a skimming of a couple—and their instructions are to try to divert me for any amount of time they can, in any way possible. This is what RatWiki is, and the forums, and the spamming of my inbox. Anything to keep me from doing more research. It isn’t working, is it? Money poorly spent, their only sin.

Addendum May 15, 2017: A reader sent in some supporting information. Icke admits he lives on the Isle of Wight. Curiously, many of those in the peerage in the families listed above also live/lived there, including the Stuarts, Leighs, Seymours, Parrs, and Vernon-Harcourts. Icke claims he is not wealthy, living in a row of flats called Vernon House. That’s a curious coincidence, eh? He has a video on his own site, showing his flat there. He lives in flat 8, of course. They didn’t have a flat 11 or 33 or 47, so that was the best they could do. Strangely, no one in any of the flats has a name on the callbox, including Icke:

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That’s a screen capture. How do you know who to buzz, if you don’t know the flat number? Inconvenient, isn’t it? Are your flats or apartments labelled like that? I doubt it. All six were written by the same person, weren’t they? And where are flats 2, 3, 6 and 7? There are ten numbers, but only six flats. You will say there is a second callbox somewhere, but again that isn’t very convenient for visitors, is it?


TAP – Dropping the H in Hicke to go from rhyming with Dick to rhyming with ‘ike, might suggest an attempt to reconnect to ancient ancestry – to the Hyksos, pronounced Hikesos, the shepherd kings of Lower Egypt who were the Israelites, who were Egyptians not slaves in Egypt as the tale always goes (Ralph Ellis).  They were the Pharaohs, who eventually were paid to leave after military stalemate with Thebes, Upper Egypt, and moaned about it ever since.   The elites like to cryptically refer to their blood lines.