Not a real post, just me.

We are in the midst of a giant plan which has been engineered  over several years. I apologise for just expressing my own thoughts, instead of posting an article by others, There is no, even absolutely no way that our current predicament is related to any virus. WE are very obviously being funnelled into a dystopian future. Deagle, who supplies info to the military, business, Governments etc, claims, or estimates, (why do we keep trying to be so correct), that the UK population will be reduced by about 75% by 2025.

That’s us, ie, me and you, or you and me.

We have lockdowns for little or no reason. We have mask wearing which is ineffective, “health wise”. There are many possible false agents. TV is owned, politicians, are owned. The police are controlled, “do your job and you will be exempt”. as is the army. The army will be used to distribute the vaccines and protect them from possible sabotage, ?????????WHY,,,,,,,

It doesn’t look good friends. IE if you live here and you’re not part of them, then you’re my friend.

I fear, and hope that I’m wrong, that this is far far worse than advertised. Sorry Tap for the Ad Lib, Much love, ian.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Ad libs are welcome! The UK is little different to the rest of the world as regards the agenda.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    I posted an upbeat reply to Ian, twice

    I typed it offline and then pasted it into the comments. Gone both times

    It must have hit the spot so I will keep trying

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    This is what was censored out from the comments 4 times on Ian’s heartfelt post
    Best wishes

    “Yes Ian it doesn’t look good, but I think that it will not hold. Long term then, right will triumph over wrong. I’ve got to cling to that thought., and I fully expect that right will triumph in the end
    The fat controllers need our consent, and they will not get that if this carries on much further. Even more so if they bring on death and destruction. I find that hard to believe tbh, predictions are usually wrong. Witness “climate science”. Witness Fergusson of Imperial. And so many more. The canny parasite doesn’t kill it’s host surely?

    And the bewitched dupes who currently believe the narrative will be angry when they do eventually wake up. Many more will wake up if we are patient, and we stick to the facts rather than conjecture. They will be very angry because the facts are indisputable, and they scream: Scamdemic!

    You already have many friends who think like you. You are not alone and more will join you every week.

    Scott nails it here:“

  4. ian says:

    Thank you Tapestry and Pete. I do try to keep upbeat but yesterday I had been into a local city shopping, and good grief it was demoralising. Everyone in sight wearing masks and obeying every sign taped to the floor. It went home feeling that I was alone in the world. One exception was a young girl who I spoke to. My wife was looking at some wool and stuff, and I had wandered off looking around. I saw a young girl around 18 pr so gathering household items and I asked if she was going back to Uni’. We thus started talking. I wasn’t wearing a mask as I was feeling rebellious and at that point, confident enough to fight my corner. She asked about the mask and I explained that they did no good and indeed did harm and she agreed. I told her that TPTB were vastly exaggerating cases, and she replied that she had recently lost an uncle of hers’ who had cancer, but that the hospital put down Covid as cause of death, greatly angering her dad. We talked about Uni’ “my granddaughter’s just gone back too”, and parted friends wishing each other the best. That talk, though about sad things, perked me up a bit.

    Sometimes I wear a buff over my mouth in shops, just so I’ll be left alone by the Karens out there, (sorry to any real Karens), and I do wonder how many feel like me, and indeed TPTB via the media encourage social pressure to enforce compliance, with even Cressida Dick getting her oar in. Never was anyone better named. Thanks again Pete, and Tap and I do hope that you’re both correct. Regards ian

    • Tapestry says:

      In some ways it’s easier that the totalitarians are making their intentions so obvious. Muzzling and enslaving the plebs using fear of a fake virus as their driving force. It used to be fear of Napoleon, then Hitler, then nuclear weapons, then Saddam, and now COVID. The focus changes but it’s always fear. The way to be free is not to fear, the primary psychological weapon used against humanity at all times. You can train yourself not to fear as many do in war, or in other circumstances. They say that if your enemy has made you afraid, he’s already winning. So you must first conquer your fear if you are to stand a chance of winning in a struggle.

      • ian says:

        Thanks Tap, I honestly try, and mostly succeed, but occasionally get a little down.

      • Tapestry says:

        I think that’s understandable. What’s our most valuable possession? Our freedom maybe? That is certainly the case during our earthly stay. But in our much longer lives after the here and now we need to hold onto a content view of our lives whatever the forces of evil release against us, if we possibly can. They aim to trap us in depression so we can’t be powerful both here and after here. The game is not as simple as it first appears. One WW2 veteran once confided in me that dying is not the worst thing that can happen to you. I couldn’t understand what he was saying at the time.

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