Not a real post, just me.

We are in the midst of a giant plan which has been engineered  over several years. I apologise for just expressing my own thoughts, instead of posting an article by others, There is no, even absolutely no way that our current predicament is related to any virus. WE are very obviously being funnelled into a dystopian future. Deagle, who supplies info to the military, business, Governments etc, claims, or estimates, (why do we keep trying to be so correct), that the UK population will be reduced by about 75% by 2025.

That’s us, ie, me and you, or you and me.

We have lockdowns for little or no reason. We have mask wearing which is ineffective, “health wise”. There are many possible false agents. TV is owned, politicians, are owned. The police are controlled, “do your job and you will be exempt”. as is the army. The army will be used to distribute the vaccines and protect them from possible sabotage, ?????????WHY,,,,,,,

It doesn’t look good friends. IE if you live here and you’re not part of them, then you’re my friend.

I fear, and hope that I’m wrong, that this is far far worse than advertised. Sorry Tap for the Ad Lib, Much love, ian.