Robin Tilbrook explains that the government has bypassed the Constitution to lockdown people illegally, and make everyone confused.

We must get the courts working against the wrongful invalid lockdown rules, says Robin.

What was SO DANGEROUS about the speeches at RESIST AND ACT FOR FREEDOM RALLY that the RIOT POLICE tried to stop the speeches at the Rally on 19th September 2020? Here is the full speech from Robin Tilbrook at the RESIST AND ACT FOR FREEDOM RALLY September 19th 2020, Trafalgar Square, London, UK Robin is involved in the following judicial review of The Coronavirus Act:…



Re: English Democrats High Court Case against Boris Johnson’s Covid “laws”

Ministers and their media lackeys are openly talking about a SECOND LOCKDOWN. It is almost inevitable at this point, Henry.

Millions have lost their jobs. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes. How many more lives have to be destroyed before we finally wake up to their lies? 

Now is the time to get behind our HIGH COURT case against the government and bring an end to the covid madness before ALL of our freedoms have been stripped from us!

Listen to Party Leader Robin Tilbrook’s epic speech at the anti-lockdown rally in London…THIS IS REAL RESISTANCE!

It is clear just by looking over the legislation enacted by Boris and his Ministers, the lockdown laws are illegal!

That is why we are dragging the government into the High Court and we need your help!

The English Democrats are challenging the Lockdown Regulations and the Coronavirus Act.

Under the emergency legislation of the Coronavirus Act, the Government has taken full power to make and to change the law by diktat, suspending and trampling on our hard-fought liberties!

Ministers are announcing that a rule is coming into force, when no such rule has even been created by them or by anybody else – just as they did in Greater Manchester!

Millions of jobs, mortgages, marriages and even lives have been sacrificed by our bumbling government and they are still pressing ahead, causing even more hardship to millions of hard-working people based on lies, lies and more lies!

This is the beginning of Orwell’s nightmare!

Ministers are announcing that a rule is coming into force, when no such rule has even been created by them or by anybody else.  When they give “Guidance”, the official guidance is often vastly at variance to the Rules that the Minister has actually created.

This process started back on the 23rd March, when Boris went on television to say that he was immediately “Locking Down” the country.

He had no powers to do so but his comments were treated as being official to the point where the police were actually arresting people, when in fact there were no such Rules.

To date, THOUSANDS have been arrested when no such laws were on the statute books!

Ministers even got the lying Mainstream Media to widely report in Manchester that there were various offences which were in force which in fact were not in force at all!

They are all lying to our faces and subverting our Democracy, Henry!

We want to show up the government and the media establishment for the lying, freedom-stealing crooks that they are and win back our FREEDOM for every man, woman and child in England.

Boris and his cronies will fight tooth and nail against our ROCK-SOLID case but we are determined to fight until the bitter end, So we do need a very big war chest.  Will YOU assist, Henry?

Please help us as much as you can, the future of our democracy and our ancient liberties hangs in the balance and your support can and will make a massive difference! I invite you to do the right thing and strike a blow against the power-crazed politicians by donating below:

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats