“Let me explain” and a wider picture

Robert-in-the-UK is justifiably concerned that events may spin rapidly out of control before the end of 2020.


I’ll leave the detail to the reader, and add a few thoughts of my own.

It’s largely predicated onthe premise that nobody could accidentally mess things up this badly, stating that the evidence is there for all to see. “This has to be a planned, intentional destruction of much of global civilization.” To a great extent I have to agree with the thrust of his arguement but I think that his logic is a little off.

Robert’s scenario unfolds with the EU letting firms go bankrupt and that unleashing a string of consequences including Deutche Bank going into bankruptcy. While that’s been headlined for maybe years, there’s been plenty of time for the bankers to make sure that collapse favours their interests. If you missed it the last time, almost from the dawn of banking their business model is to extend credit to people with good collateral and poor foresight, then suddenly crash the economy and harvest the collateral. Rinse and repeat roughly every seven years. 

In case you hadn’t noticed, Lehman Bros debts are still in the courts, eleven years after declaring bankruptcy. The court cases cleared up a few legal disputes about who should get paid, mostly on the finer points of derivatives. If you’re thinking that derivatives are somewhat like betting on a horserace, that’s about where the similarity ends. The first point is that derivatives are very near the head of the queue to get paid in a bankruptcy. Secondly, much of the settlement can be done by arbitration. If you’re thinking that the arbitrators are the banks, you’d be right. So, somebody somewhere has gamed this catastrophe over the last decade with a view to controlled demolition.

I’m saying there’s a strong possibility that the bankers have a plan. It doesn’t necessarily have to work, but an obvious requirement is tight control of the rest of the world to get where they want to go. I’m not so sure that they want to own everything. They probably own everything already. No, what this is about is that the System is about to stop working for them. Too many people have noticed. Too many people are thinking, and today’s world is too fragile to survive sabotage on a wider scale.

What they are a thinking about is a Reset. But that’s not like a reset of a game of Monopoly, it’s more like a refurb of a Casino where the chandeliers are prettier but the house still always wins. And this time, there’s going to be a smaller economy that is unstable at a fundamental level. So, again, the incentive for more control is there.

They’ve tried AGW, they’ve tried Climate Change, and the Plandemic Play is stretching disbelief to the point where the dogs in the street understand the lies. Unlike Robert, I don’t see the “Second Wave” generating the same fear in the UK that the unknown and the government managed panic earlier in the year did. But he’s right, the government cannot afford to lose control. 

It could be a close run thing.