Latest Paper on Grand Solar Minimum from Prof V Zharkova

As year 2020 proceeds those betting that the global average temperature in 2020 will be cooler than in 2016 look to be about to win that bet.

And even if the bet is lost, there’s no reason, at this point, to suppose that 2021 will certainly be warmer than 2020. We just don’t know. But thanks to a new study published in “Temperature” on 4th August 2020 and written up in the link below, we should have a much better idea of future changes in temperature.


I see from the comments there that humility does not usually feature in the prognostications or posts of Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates, now segued into Climate Change Activists because the warming theme is looking shaky, if not demolished. I’ll add that forecasts of “tipping point” and similar catastrophic change come with a notable lack of the math that should accompany such predictions. Zharkova’s modelling is looking more probable as the years progress. And the alarmism of the past? it’s maybe too soon for an apology, but that seems to be the current zeitgeist.