‘It is madness’: Dr Eamonn Mathieson Calls for Victoria Premier to Stop Causing Harm [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Dr. Eamonn Mathieson, speaking in the video interview below conducted by Channel 9 in Australia, has formed a protest group of doctors called COVID DOCTORS NETWORK. This can be added to the list of other doctors’ groups forming in response to entirely disproportionate government measures to the virus panic in other countries, such as ACU2020 in Germany and Medicos por la Verdad (doctors for truth) in Spain and Latin America, the International Collective of Healthcare Professionals, and Americas Frontline Doctors. To our knowledge, French doctors haven’t organized themselves into an opposition, but dissenting medical opinions can be found at COVIDINFOS.NET. Of course, many individual doctors have been speaking out for a long time, especially in Germany.

Melbourne, and the Australian state of Victoria in general, have been undergoing liberty-destroying covid measures for relatively few virus cases. Disturbing videos have surfaced online of law enforcement breaking into people’s homes and, in the case of a pregnant woman, arresting her in front of her family for announcing a lockdown protest on Facebook (see the disturbing footage here). They’ve also been aggressively taking down people in public spaces and forcibly putting masks on them in front of TV cameras. See Sky News Australia’s outspoken correspondent Alan Jones‘ response to Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews on September 2: Andrews ‘must go tonight’ after horrible example of ‘inexcusable powers’: Jones.

See Robert Bridge’s recent piece, Letters From Melbourne, a ‘Ghost Town Police State’ Under Brutal Covid Lockdown.

Dr. Mathieson makes the following points:

  • Nobody is challenging the government’s draconian measures. So some doctors recently got together to pen a letter to the state government, even at risk to their jobs. The response to their action has been overwhelmingly supportive by not only the general public but other doctors.
  • Why have doctors taken so long to speak out? Doctors share a culture of conformity, plus public healthcare workers haven’t been impacted much since they haven’t been seeing many sick people.
  • Doctors consult widely all the time about difficult cases, yet the Victorian government operates like a closed-shop for the way it’s handling the crisis.
  • Everybody is thinking the same thing: a virus CANNOT be eradicated. The view that it can be eradicated – promoted by the state government – is causing severe harm. (ER: Notice that this was the same line being pushed by Theresa May’s government in the UK regarding measles vaccinations, that measles can be eradicated and therefore must be. Which is medical nonsense as it is a non-eradicable disease.)

The interview segment lasts for a total of 4.5 minutes, and was getting criticized online for cutting off this doctor.


‘It is madness’: Dr Eamonn Mathieson Calls for Victoria Premier to Stop Causing Harm [VIDEO]