Implications of a Lawless Financial System

This is from ZeroHedge, some highlights below …

“Not only have the billionaire class made money, they have tightened their monopolistic grip on the levers of money supply and distribution, turning a global rigged casino into a global company town. Editor’s note:This is a guest post by my friend and colleague Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., who has contributed essays to Of Two Minds since 2009.”

“So we have a lawless system. What does this mean for citizens and investors? In the near term it means that the fundamentals will not apply. Anything that maintains or augments elite wealth and increases elite options will be supported, and anything that consumes or converts common people’s wealth and labor and restricts their choices will be pursued. Anything that reinforces accountability, rational response, or cause and effect will be actively suppressed. Forget reversion to the mean. One only has to observe where the respective value/wealth of each party resides and where it gets channeled to know what the market will do and where policy will go. When the stock market should crash, it won’t… until some time frame far longer than even the most generous fundamentals would dictate… Analyses that try to predict near term market moves based on Laffer curves, Elliot Waves, and historical cycles will almost definitely fail. We don’t have a ‘new era’, but we definitely have unprecedented coordinated global intervention dedicated almost solely to the fortunes of the top 1%. That is the new rule that will govern until there is a serious breakdown.”

As the article points out, it would be unwise to expect Donald J Trump to do anything to seriously damage the Swamp.

“They” have known this was coming probably from the time Bretton Woods was implemented and allowed to fail.  The Republic that is the USA has a weakness that is the Head of State built into the system. Capture or negate that role and the entire country is subverted. Think Continuity of Government, as instigated by Jimmy Carter. Hence battle plans are likely being finalised, perhaps with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.