“I Estimate that 80% of Covid Diagnoses are Wrong …” – Letter from a ‘Nervous, Wrecked’ Lung Specialist

ER Editor: This is one of the most stunning testimonies we’ve read so far on how the hospital boots-on-the-ground staff have been operating. The ability to yield to the diagnosis you want in the absence of relevant evidence should finally put paid to the ‘doctors are gods’ myth most of us live under. The power of the narrative influences even certain ‘experts’ not in the pay of Big Pharma.


“I estimate that 80% of covid diagnoses are wrong, especially on causes of death”, the letter from a “nervous, wrecked” lung doctor


Very interesting testimony of a pulmonologist who shows how the management of this health crisis has been ‘approximate’…


“Dear Sir, Dear Madam

My life has become a hell!

I wish to testify about this current covid “epidemic”. The purely viral epidemic has been over since the end of May: zero deaths, a few rare hospitalizations, a few extremely rare patients in the ICU.

Having worked in March, April and May in a department where the covid “patients” were put, I was able to realize that the majority of them were not infected by the virus! Let me explain: all suspect patients had to undergo a PCR test and a chest CT scan. Almost all of them had a negative PCR, but all radiologists concluded in the same way: the images were compatible with a covid infection. And bam, the patient was transferred to the “covid” department. Luckily for them, there were not that many covids, because I’m not telling you what a hecatomb it could have been.

These “famous” radiologists saw covid infection on normal scans, took emphysema bubbles for covid, took pneumococcal bacterial pneumonia for covid, etc. True. Knowing how to interpret the chest scans myself, better than they apparently do, I can assure you. I even saw a Granny whose daughter was a doctor, PCR negative, normal scan but interpreted covid-compatible, put in this hospital department. The doctor daughter, not being so stupid, looked at the scan and realized that it was normal. She wanted to file a complaint. I insisted that this Granny immediately leave the department. But I made a mistake that day: I yielded to pressure and didn’t put a note on the file. What a mistake!!!

Another thing I can no longer keep quiet about: The pulmonary lesion in covid is alveolitis. It is an overreaction of the body against an aggressor. All alveolitis evolves according to the same pattern, plus or minus a few small differences. (Farmer’s lung, bird farmer’s lung etc ). We have known about alveolitis forever and we know how to treat it: cortisone in very high doses! However, some fools who forgot their medical studies in 5 minutes, including professors, have banned cortisone on the grounds that it lowers the immune system. These same imbeciles forgot that cortisone weakens the defenses after several months of continuous treatment, and still, in a moderate way. This is not chemotherapy! How many deaths are these idiots responsible for? Hundreds? Thousands?

Alveolitis is reversible provided it is treated early with cortisone. It is the pre-fibrosis lesion, which is definitive. How many sequential fibroses have there been because of these fools?

A little news: cortisone is now part of the immediate treatment…

Are we going to sue all these imbeciles? We would have to.

In the department where I worked, everyone could witness that I always recommended cortisone from the beginning at double or even triple dose (solumedrol 120 mg x 3).

I estimate that 80% of covid diagnoses are false, especially on causes of death. I myself filled out death certificates in 2009, at the time of the H1N1 “death from H1N1” when they were terminal cancer patients. I am ashamed.

I have evidence that this phenomenon is not only still present, but that it has grown.

Currently, only the death rate and possibly the rate of admission to emergency are the only reliable criteria of the epidemic. Deaths and admissions are at an all-time low. In the neighbourhood of zero. Why talk about an epidemic without sick people????????

The government has multiplied “screening” and finds many healthy carriers. This is perfect and that is good. Healthy carriers are useful and necessary because it is through them that mass protection will be done. But it is criminal and murderous to prevent this mass protection by wearing a mask.

We are all healthy carriers of billions of disease-causing germs, especially in our mouths, but also in our intestines. Many of us are healthy carriers of pneumococcus and meningococcus. Without us, deadly pneumonia and meningitis would be legion and we would see them everywhere every day! I am not even talking about the staphylococcus aureus present in all the nostrils (I am hardly exaggerating) of all the humans on this earth!

These are the facts: no ICU, no hospitalizations, no deaths. These are facts!

There are extrapolations from magi, from gurus, who say that perhaps tomorrow, if the stars are favorable, depending on the age of the captain and according to the crystal balls, there will be a second wave.

These imbeciles, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, or having no knowledge in the field, sow terror and unfortunately advise the government, too stupid to understand by itself. As it was with asbestos before 1997…

If there’s going to be a second wave, it’s right now. That is to say that it should have taken place in June. In June? nothing! In July? nothing! In August? nothing! I even advance: in September? Nothing!

They piss us off with their obligatory masks for an epidemic that is over and they even prevent mass protection. They are criminals.

These bases being laid out like this – this is how I have been living since then.

I see dozens of young people who all have the same profile, the same symptoms: vague, atypical chest pain and inspiratory dyspnea (inspiratory dyspnea is always psychogenic), and spirometry and chest scans are always normal. These patients have been seen continuously for 4 months, whereas before I only saw one every 3 or 6 months. Stressed people who are afraid of dying (like Y2K), who ask so many questions that I no longer have time to talk about the subject they come for.

On my personal life, it’s hell: the fear of the cop in need of points for his bonus because I refuse to wear a useless mask (besides I’m asthmatic, a real one) and overweight so in alveolar hypoventilation. A mask could send me straight to heaven (or hell). Fear of the gaze of the masked sheep. The fear of receiving an obtuse patient with whom I’m going to get upset for nothing – FEAR all the time.

My mother turned 20 in 1940. I now understand what she had to go through, just like my father, but he was a prisoner.

THE permanent Fear.

The icing on the cake, a young fanatical and low foreheaded patient filed a complaint against me with the Rhone doctors’ association. I am summoned Friday September 18th at 94 avenue Servient 69003 Lyon !!!!

I am at the end of my rope. I can’t take any more of this collective hysteria created and maintained by this government. Psychiatry books all say that collective hysteria is always created by large groups or governments. We are in the middle of it.

I’m even considering taking an extended work stoppage if this continues. It’s impossible to work serenely in such conditions.

Yours sincerely, Madam, Sir,”

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– Blog médiapart de DBCooper : Ma vie est devenue un enfer ! Lettre d’un pneumologue à bout de nerfs

NB: As the author of this testimony prefers to remain anonymous. Everyone remains free to judge the truthfulness of his or her remarks according to his or her own abilities and knowledge.

“I Estimate that 80% of Covid Diagnoses are Wrong …” – Letter from a ‘Nervous, Wrecked’ Lung Specialist