How to plant your own ‘psychic garden’

The mainstream media are trying to convince us that Neanderthal stone-age man was an idiot stumbling from one bush of berries to the next and just gathering what he could…

The actual latest evidence from France, Germany and Iraq shows that Neanderthals were performing magic ceremonies, building stone Magic Circles and carving statues 42,000 years ago…!

They had centrally heated caves and when one of their clan died they laid flowers on the grave…

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But more astonishingly than all that, Neanderthals had GARDENS filled with plants which they used to HEAL eachother…

And some of those plants were ‘sacred’ because they had cocaine-like effects…

Pollen samples from neanderthal gardens in Iraq reveal that every single one of their flowering plants had medicinal use. For example, the grape hyacinth is part of the Muscari genus and is known to have stimulant and diuretic effects. The hollyhock is ‘the poor man’s aspirin’ on account of its use to allay pain caused by toothache and inflammation. 


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Another plant found at the Neanderthal caves of Iraq is the woody horsetail (Ephedra), which has a long history in the Asian pharmacopeia. Ephedra releases alkaloids which promote a speeding, rushing effect on the brain, inducing a feeling of lightness, quickening thought, allaying any fatigue. Its effects are similar to Amphetamine Sulphate which was dropped in millions of capsules upon the atomic- bomb-torn communities of Japan after 1945. 

Amphetamine and Ephedra-type compounds are known as ‘war drugs’ as everyone from the German NAZIs to modern day US fighter pilots swallow ‘Go!’ pills before they bomb some hapless village and kill thousands of innocent people.

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