Have you got it yet?

So true.  This is what the media does to your mind.  The main lesson of COVID is to stop allowing the government and the media to control your mind.  Take back your personal sovereignty.

The good thing is that many are doing this now, not listening to what amounts to total bollocks.  The bad news is that there are still many people glued to the media as if one word of it might be true.  It isn’t.  It never was.  It never will be.  Truth belongs to you.  To your mind.  You feel it.  You know it.  The truth is fed to you from beyond yourself in tiny little thoughts, thoughts which you used to ignore in favour of splash and theatre.  At last you are listening to yourself, or at least whatever sends those tiny little pulses into your mind.

Those breakthrough notions that happen from time to time, when answers arrive in our minds, are given to us, is my belief.  Inventors are not inventors.  They’ve learned to channel ideas which appear to them, to act on and believe in what comes in.

Have you got it yet?  Forget everything you ever learned, or were told.  Listen to your own mind, and to those who share their  own thoughts and mind pulses with you.  Corporate media has only one aim – to stop you doing that.

Eventually they will kill you.

Before they can do that, it’s time to listen to yourself.

The answers are all there waiting for you to realise.

The first step is to stop the fear planted in your mind by the media, deliberately and through the use of fear-creating techniques – wars, lies, fake epidemics, numbers, numbers, numbers, the whole panoply of fake news.   As regards COVID not even one case can be found amongst you and your own friends and family.  Start right there. Let’s work simply from what we know.  Ignore everything else.  It’s fake.

Now you’re ready.

This next post describes well how massive the fake media-created environment really is.  It’s literally everything you are permitted to see and to ‘know’.

by Miles Mathis

We all love hating social justice warriors. Even me. But do you know why? Because we are supposed to hate them. That is why they were created.

Yes, this is another manufactured project, and a lot of people aren’t seeing through it. It is a cohort of Antifa, who you are also supposed to hate.

Before we get into it, let me point out that this line of reasoning I am showing you here is very rare. Almost without exception, both the mainstream and alternative dialogs are split into two sides: liberal and conservative. If you don’t like these flaming liberals, you are supposed to think of yourself as a conservative. But I don’t like these flaming liberals, and I am not a conservative. Yes, I want to conserve the family, nature, old art, and much of traditional morality, but that doesn’t make me a conservative. I have hit this several times before, but you will see what I mean as we proceed here.

My argument here is very rare, and that should surprise you. Back in the 1960s and 70s it was a fairly common argument, but you almost never see it anymore. Judging by media coverage, you would think people like me went extinct about 50 years ago. That is because real liberals were replaced at that time by fake ones. The entire left side of American politics was infiltrated and replaced by CIA actors pretending to be liberals.


August 23, 2020


How could that be, you may ask. Very simple: the people who ran this country and world in previous

decades and centuries despised the old left, because the old left was getting in the way of their war machine, their propaganda machine, their rape and pillage machine, and their steal-from-the-treasury machine. The old left wanted real progress, meaning more fairness. The old left didn’t like seeing the top families raking all profits into their nasty hands. They didn’t like seeing the old families take all the good jobs. They didn’t like seeing the top families hiding their assets and lying all the time about everything. And at certain stages in recent history, the old left began to have some real effect. This happened in the 1840s and again in the 1920s and again in the 1960s. In those periods, people began to wake up to some extent. But the governors couldn’t have that, so they expanded Intelligence and hired literally millions of agents to address the problem. The main way they did this is by infiltrating the left and undermining it from within. They installed agents in groups all over the country and world, while creating their own groups to mimic the real groups. They owned the media, so they instructed the media to report only on the fake groups, never on the real ones. Over the decades, the fake groups have expanded, while the real ones have faltered. Almost everything you see now is fake.

But no one tells you this but me. This is how you know I am real and they are fake. You should know that anyone on either side selling you Antifa or SJW as real is an agent. They are trying to control your reaction. They want to lead you along by the nose, and they are very good at it. They have been perfecting their schemes for centuries. They don’t want you to think of becoming a real revolutionary or a dissident, so they have to blackwash the whole idea for you. So what do they do? They create a lot of fake revolutionaries and dissidents, and make those people look as unappealing as possible. They dress them in silly clothes and have them say silly things. The current riots are all manufactured for that purpose.

Just search on social justice warrior, go to photos, and scan down the page. Every single picture was chosen on purpose to make you cringe. Apparently not one attractive person has ever been in favor of social justice. Almost all of them are screaming fat women with wildly colored hair. Doesn’t this make you a little suspicious?

If not, let’s just take a look at the words. Social Justice used to be a good thing, right? Look up the word “justice”. It is a positive thing, isn’t it? Something we should all want. So why is social justice being blackwashed by the media? I just told you. The governors don’t want justice, they want to maintain their hegemony. They want to maintain their privilege, and justice won’t help them do that. So they need the word to taste bad in your mouth. They want you to think of fat screaming lesbians every time the word justice is mentioned. You won’t even think of joining a revolution on the street if you have to march next to these people, right?

That is what Occupy Wall Street was all about as well. Not one attractive, well spoken, charismatic person was ever seen leading those protests. Why? Because the protests were manufactured by the CIA, and they chose the least appealing actors on purpose. They wanted to be sure normal sensible people didn’t join the protests. The whole OWS project was about making sure real protests never got off the ground. The real revolution was pre-empted by a fake one.

They have been doing this since the 1960s and before. I often use the example of the Chicago Eight: more fake leftists paid to make a scene, say stupid things, and get you to hate them. Why do you think they hired Abbie Hoffma, for instance? Because he was the sort of person you hated at a glance. He was hired for that reason, and instructed to play it up. Then you had the Manson family of actors pretending to be hippies; and the SLA pretending to be revolutionaries and pretending to kidnap Patty Hearst; and so on ad infinitum et ad nauseum. This is why I cover the old events: once you see the pattern, once you understand the playbook, they can never fool you again on that scheme.

It is the same with Antifa. The word alone proves we are in the middle of the usual CIA project. A fascist is a bad thing, right? According to the mainstream history books, Hitler and Mussolini were fascists, and they were very bad guys. So being an anti-fascist should be a good thing, by definition. Instead, anti-fascism is being blackwashed by the media. They want you to think that anyone against fascism is some guy in a black hoodie or mask, throwing bricks through Target windows or accidentally shooting little girls. They need you to believe that revolutionaries are very bad guys, to be sure you don’t become one. Every time you think a thought against your own government for any reason, they want you recoiling in horror, because you see yourself turning into a dirty hippie.

As usual, they have flipped you. They are moving you toward fascism and away from justice, and you don’t even realize it. They tell you that if you hate these Antifa people and SJWs, you are a good old conservative, protecting your beloved country from crazy modern mutants. They are using your best instincts against you. They know how to push your buttons, and they are pushing hard on your protective instinct. You need to protect yourself against these young tattooed hooligans who are coming for your sons and daughters.

So your reaction is noble, but it is mistaken. It is not any Antifa creeps or social justice warriors who are coming for you or your children. Or not in the way you think. Those people you see on TV and on the internet aren’t real liberals, fighting for justice or fairness or progress. They are actually children of the elite, hired by the government to pretend to be liberals. They are ACTORS. So they are coming for you, but not from the left. They are coming for you from the far right, as they always have.

It is the Phoenician Navy that is the real enemy, not some fake screaming lesbian actress with green hair. And the Phoenician Navy is not liberal. The Phoenician Navy is not interested in justice. The Phoenician Navy is interested in one thing: staying afloat and keeping you below water. Can I be any clearer?

But the Phoenician Navy has to keep your eyes off themselves at any cost. They want you to be afraid of poor kids on the streets, or black people, or screaming women, or Mexicans crossing the border, or aliens, or Satanists, or pedophiles, or viruses floating through the air. Anything but the billionaires and trillionaires gorging themselves on worldwide treasuries, at the expense of you and your children and grandchildren.

Just so you know, the MGTOW movement is another prong of this project and is manufactured for the same reason. If you don’t know, that means Men Going Their Own Way. Youtube and the rest of the internet is now littered with MGTOW agents, male and female, and a few of them do have some charisma. They have hired some attractive people for this project, because they need you to believe it is a good thing. They are trying to seduce you. But it is another project of division and hatred. You have seen in many previous papers of mine that women have been targeted for decades, by the serial killers project, the Men-are-Pigs project, etc. They want women hating and fearing men, and they have pretty much achieved that. A large percentage of women are permanently traumatized. But heterosexuals are still getting together, and the governors can hardly turn up the heat any more on those old projects from the female side. Before Corona, they were running fake mass murders about every week, so how do you accelerate from there? The only way is by targeting men, making men hate and fear women. To do that, Intel couldn’t really create a murdering woman every week: no one would buy that. . . I hope. Instead they decided to blackwash the female sex in slightly more subtle ways. So they have manufactured and publicized a new and increasing slate of horror stories of women being mean, crazy, stupid, and selfish. It is hoped this will turn men off women completely, further undermining

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the heterosexual relationship from the male side. A Women-are-Pigs project, if you will.

This project was pretty easy to compose, because unlike serial killers, it is based on a growing truth. The projects of the past 50 years—all under the Project Chaos umbrella—have succeeded in making both men and women into assholes. I think we can all admit that. A growing segment of the population is intolerable, especially among the youth. That could be reversed, but the governors don’t want to reverse it. They want to accelerate it. They don’t want anyone polite, well mannered, thoughtful, educated, or stable. They want everyone needy, dopey, thoughtless, fat, lazy, and selfish. So now when the times comes for creating division, it is very easy for them. People have become so unappealing, no one can stand to be around them except their dogs—and even their dogs would prefer to be somewhere else.

As we have seen, those running the world want everyone not in the Families living alone and miserable, since if we are alone and miserable we will spend much more money on everything. People alone often have no discipline, since no one is there to whip them into shape or expect anything of them. A husband used to keep his wife in line, and the reverse, and they both kept their children in line. But no more. Everyone goes his own way as soon as possible, and once alone devolves into a blob of symptoms, waiting for the merchants to bake him a cake, send him a case of booze, play him a song, or give him a facelift.

The Families have bought up all the hospitals and drug companies, remember, so they are quite happy to see us needing those things. The more drugs we are on, the better they like it. It is a win/win for them, since they make money from selling drugs to us, then the drugs make us weak and dim-witted— so we can’t unwind their schemes or find the energy to do anything about it.

That’s why they make sure none of the drugs actually work. If an anti-depressant actually got rid of your depression, turning you back into a functioning human being again, that would be very bad for them. They want you functioning at a very low level: just enough so that you can drag yourself out of bed, wire yourself on coffee, and work eight or ten hours making or selling widgets. So they make sure the drug does that, while simultaneously infecting you with a dozen other side effects that require further drugging.

They don’t want you to remember that the greatest drug you can take is human companionship. That is the real cure to your problem, but they will never tell you that. They aren’t selling togetherness, they are selling division. Division makes them richer, but togetherness threatens them. People together don’t spend as much money because they can entertain themselves, with sex and conversation. And conversation is always a threat, because that is how revolution starts. That is how people share ideas. They don’t want you sharing ideas, that want all your ideas to come from them. That’s why they want you watching things all the time. They want you a passive consumer of their ideas. They don’t want you getting any ideas of your own.

This is why conversation has died out. It has been targeted on purpose. Yes, people still yap, but for the most part they are just repeating ideas that have been placed in their heads by the media. They are parroting movies or TV shows or government websites. If they argue, they parrot the arguments they have been fed. I dine out (cheaply) almost everyday, and I often listen to the conversations at tables around me. There is very little of it. Most people just sit there, semi-catatonic. The people that do talk have nothing to say. I can’t remember the last time I eavesdropped on a serious conversation, or heard anyone say anything worth hearing. I catch people eavesdropping on my conversations all the time, which tells me they are desperate for content. They aren’t happy with the way things are, and would

welcome something else.

So I remind you it doesn’t have to be this way. Within living memory it wasn’t this way. Just a few decades ago things were much better in this regard. Not optimal, but better. With a tiny bit of effort, you could go back. By myself, I have given you thousands of interesting things to talk about, and I am not the only one. History is as big as it ever was, and not all of it is fake. Beautiful and amazing things were done, and still are being done. Seek them out and surround yourself with them. Ignore and revile the false and damaging information the governors are trying to install in your brain and body, and seek something better. It is out there, but you have to learn judgment and discernment. You have to filter heavily. You have to question constantly.

All those people on youtube could be educating you on how to be polite and well spoken and thoughtful and charming, but they aren’t, are they? They aren’t telling you how to quit looking bad and starting looking good, are they? No, because they are happy for you to look and act your worst. It isn’t an accident. They didn’t shut down all the charm schools back in the 1970s and replace them with anti- charm schools by accident. The world isn’t looking more and more like a Mad Max casting call by accident. They don’t have everyone addicted to high fructose corn syrup by accident. This was all done for one reason: it maximized profits. It was done with a detailed and longterm cost-benefit analysis, and all the cost has gone to you and all the benefit has gone to them.

Yes, this is right where (they thought) they wanted you. You are a completely captured consumer, unable to say no to the next commercial they play for you. You will believe anything, and have.

But it didn’t have to be this way. I escaped from the pen and so can you.

I am showing you the exit.