Getting your car ready for The Grand Solar Minimum.

Winters will be longer and more severe so what should you do?  Get more than one way to heat your home?

Get winter tyres/tires on your car?

That’s hard work having to change over twice a year – for some people.

Michelin believe they have the answer with an all season tyre/tire – The Michelin Crossclimate Plus.

There are many other brands available – many at lower cost to Michelin.

Here is a paid for advert which suggests they work very well.

Has anyone used them?

The more detailed road tests suggest that once temperatures drop below 7 decrees C, you should look at an All Season tyre.

I have a lower mileage diesel car (i.e. we only use it on longer journeys or in cold conditions so it does only 5000 miles a year or so – getting 50 miles per gallon) which would probably be suitable to use with all season tyres.

The other car we have, a higher mileage electric Nissan Leaf (12,000 miles a year) is not a great winter conditions car anyway needing so much battery to heat and keep windscreen clear in cold conditions.  We’ll probably keep it on summer tyres all year round, and drive it slowly round town as we tend to do anyway.

Out total car fuel cost plus our home heating/hot water cost is not far above £100 a month, which seems ridiculously low.  We trickle charge the electric car battery overnight, which means the battery should last longer than fast charged batteries will.