FDA skipping phase 3 trials on COVID vaccines, turning the American people into guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s high-profit medical experiments

(Natural News) The arrogance of those who worship vaccine science is on full display now. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just made a commitment to authorize millions of new covid-19 vaccines before the already corrupted phase three trials are complete. The arrogance is so brazen, President Donald Trump is putting the military in charge of rolling the vaccine program out. The Department of Defense has already awarded a $138 million contract for prefilled syringes, as if safety and efficacy studies do not matter at all.

A senior Trump administration official said that they are “very confident that by year end we will have tens of millions of vaccines put into American arms.” The official told CNN that under Operation Warp Speed, vaccine manufacturing will begin by the end of summer. “In many cases it’s already underway,” the official said. “We’re acquiring the equipment, we’re setting up the space, we’re acquiring, in some cases, the raw materials to do it. We have project teams that are assigned to go out to each manufacturing site.”

FDA clearing the way for hasty, untested vaccine that will constitute WAR CRIMES

FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn is under intense political pressure to get millions of vaccine doses out before the 2020 election and has said the agency will authorize a new covid-19 vaccine for emergency use before the Phase Three clinical trials are complete. The emergency use authorization will not be a full approval, said Hahn, who will approve the vaccines as long as the drug company representatives overseeing the process are convinced that the postulated benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of a hypothetical infection.

This is not going to be a political decision,” Hahn said, in a pathetic display of doublespeak. “This is going to be a science, medicine, data decision.” The Phase Three trials typically involve thousands of patients and take multiple years to conduct. The emergency use authorization will push millions of vaccinations into healthcare workers and into other demographics of people who are determined to be “at greatest risk.” Ironically, vaccine injury is statistically more prevalent in people with weakened immune systems – the same group of people determined to be “at greatest risk.”

There will be no recourse or compensation for these vaccine injuries, nor will there be a system to detect and differentiate symptoms caused by the vaccines from real time infections. This is why new covid-19 outbreaks will be blamed on the “un-vaccinated” – pushing lawmakers and private companies to come up with new ways to coerce the un-vaccinated population to submit.

Drug companies and governments imposing their will over the people

As American freedom still hangs in the balance, government regulators and drug companies continue to impose their will over the people. Forced vaccination has been the goal all along. A senior Trump administration official said distribution of the emergency vaccine will be “nationwide” and will be a “joint venture” between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Defense. The official also said that distribution of the vaccines will be “a collaborative process” between the private sector and the military. The Department of Defense “is handling all the logistics of getting the vaccines to the right place, at the right time, in the right condition.”

According to a fact sheet on the US Department of Health and Human Services website, the federal government wants to use the military to help deliver “300 million doses of a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19 by January 2021.” This will be done by skipping over ten years of necessary safety studies and clinical trials that determine the vaccine’s one-sided (antibody augmentation) measurement of effectiveness.

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