Even the models are getting ugly.

The problem is that despite the lack of any deaths, people are still in fear, and depressed. Suicides have risen to twenty a day at this stage. COVID is a total dud as an epidemic. Fauci and Gates really have failed this time, and all their expensive lab work over decades is having nil effect. If anyone gets it, doctors cure it despite attempts by governments to stop them doing so. At my tennis club no one stays for a drink after the game. It’s like a private club in the 1800s with four people in a vast sitting room.

There are no newspapers. Just one or two dedicated drinkers who are great fun to sit and chat with. The staff keep up a friendly disposition but must wonder where all the people have gone. The club gets only one third of subscribers now. You wonder how they can survive but they are still spending money on new facilities. The thing I miss most is the sauna as after three sets of tennis at age 66, I need the heat to stop the stiffness in the limbs that comes on the next day! Apparently weekdays are busier. I buy my own newspaper. I don’t read one word of the ‘narratives’, do all the crosswords, numbers and word puzzles then abandon the mass of dead tree material after a flick through of the pictures.

Why are the models so ugly now? There’s hardly a babe to be seen. The women look like men actually – of course – you have to identify as a woman now, or a man – and no one can assume you are one or the other without checking first!!! My sons seem not bothered by the whole way things are going, and spend their days chatting with their friends, online and off. So far no girlfriends have turned up. I hope they don’t look like men when they eventually do! Or is ugly beautiful now? I don’t believe the government will pull that cultural swing off. Cuteness will always win out! I’m sorry, Whitehall, but chicas will always be chicas! And chicos won’t browse magazines much longer unless the standard of cuteness improves. Addams family level of looks isn’t high enough to get you reaching for the glossies.

Remember the 1990s.  That’s what we need to cheer us all up.  IQ not a requirement.