England to become a Marxist wasteland

NATIONAL PETITION: Ban The New Radical Black Lives Matter Party!

Dear Henry,

Radical Black “activist” Sasha Johnson has launched the UK’s Black Lives Matter Party, led entirely by people of African background!

At the launch of the Party, the extremists chanted “Power, power… by any means necessary.”

Imagine if there was a Party in England and only White people could lead the party?

The media would be howling, but because we live in an Anti-English society, the BBC and the rest of the fake news liars have been fawning over Ms. Johnson and her Marxist pals!

They are not even hiding it anymore…they want to take over our country!

Attendees were later filmed raising the national flag covered in blood.

We have seen black paramilitary-style gangs marching on our streets, riots, insults of our national flag and watched beatings of young English boys and girls by BLM activists on Facebook and Twitter feeds…It is time to say: “Enough is enough!”

We want you, Henry, as a Patriot who loves England to sign our NATIONAL PETITION and demand the government immediately BAN the new Black Lives Matter Party. If you do one thing for England today, please sign and share to all your friends and family, Henry!

These thugs want to destroy our once peaceful England and turn it into a Marxist wasteland…It is time to stand up and do your duty, for England and future generations!

Yours sincerely


Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    BLM = classic deployment of agitators change agents and facilitators. Yet another variation on the divide & conquer strategy.

  2. Gordon says:

    According to the mainstream media, Black Lives Matter is a peaceful group fighting for civil rights. But this narrative flies in the face of hard truths concerning Black Lives Matter’s conduct since its inception in 2012.

    Especially in light of the recent acts of anarchy and cop assassinations committed by members and sympathizers of the movement, it’s important that the public know exactly what this group participates in and stands for.

    Here are five things you need to know about Black Lives Matter:

    Read more:


    • Gordon says:

      The Black Lives Matter movement, which started out as a genuine outcry for justice, mainly among black males, has now lost its legitimacy and deteriorated into an excuse for unacceptable behavior.

      I am an African-American male who lives in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, which has the highest crime rate in the city. Murders, robberies, gang violence, and shootings happen here on a regular basis. I once was a gang member, a part of the problem. My descent into the world of criminality, and the brutal fight to regain my sanity and humanity, has been a struggle.

      As an African-American who lives within a community where young black and Hispanic males claim they are targeted by the police, I’ve witnessed firsthand how honest, well meaning cops are met with open hostility and disrespect.

      Read more:


  3. Mr Dude says:

    Name a black invention…

    Poor impulse control. Obsessed with status and prone to violence.

    We don’t need them.

  4. Mr Dude says:

    And Meghan Markle is their queen.

    KFC are raking it in.

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