Emergency powers emergency

Today new rules come into force making it a legal obligation to self-isolate when asked, with fines of up to £10,000 for those who don’t comply. Meanwhile, Parliament will start debating the extension of the emergency powers granted to the Government to tackle Covid-19.

Already around 50 backbench MPs are thought to have signed an amendment from 1922 Committee chair Sir Graham Brady which calls for MPs to have a vote on any new powers. Labour has suggested that it would vote for the amendment, while we report this morning that as many as 100 Tory MPs from across the party’s factions could vote against the Government.

The rebels are still relying on the Speaker to select Sir Graham’s amendment, which he may not if the vote is considered unamendable. However, the party whips are said to have given up trying to persuade MPs and if Lindsay Hoyle does select the amendment the Government may simply cave. The vote should happen on Wednesday.  Front Bench. Telegraph.