Dr. Denis Rancourt: the ‘Pandemic’ in 3 Takeaway Ideas [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This Youtube video by Canada’s Dr. Denis Rancourt, titled ‘Everything most important about COVID in 15 minutes – Denis Rancourt zoom talk to community group’, dates back to early July 2020 but is well worth seeing again. Here are some notes on his THREE BIG IDEAS:

  • Attributing cause of death is always POLITICAL. It’s well-known by epidemiologists. So we look at all-cause mortality per week to get around this. Mid-latitude countries globally have an additional ‘bump’ of deaths on graphs during their winters, hypothesized to be due to various circulating respiratory viruses, where aerosol particles hang in the air because of the lack of humidity. The human immune system always works hard to fight them during this time. So fragile people who are already fighting other conditions are quite simply at risk of dying. **This winter, under COVID 19, there have NOT been more deaths than usual. So the pathogen is not unusual in the numbers of deaths caused or for its manner of transmission.** We need to remember that people who die under these conditions usually get more than one respiratory virus. Every winter, we can expect this; it’s a perfectly normal situation. So the ‘event’ was fake because it was given a special name and used to frighten us as to its uniqueness.
  • The ‘bumps’ on the graphs for covid, however, in CERTAIN REGIONS, have unusual, sharp peaks over a 3-4 week window. It means there was an acceleration of deaths during this time, but only in some jurisdictions where certain things were done. The peaks in this case kicked in IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PANDEMIC WAS DECLARED. This is a common finding around the world. This kind of peak for a respiratory virus is not natural and has never been seen before. This peak is too sharp, too narrow and too synchronous. AND it’s happened too late in the winter season, so it’s artificial. What did we do to these immune-deficient people? We locked them into institutions and isolated them; we stopped their relatives visiting; air didn’t circulate but was filled instead with infected aerosol particles; caregivers didn’t function fully; and these people were immensely stressed. Stress causes a faulty immune response – this is well-known. And yet governments still did it. These peaks don’t exist in certain US states, for example; others have it, such as New York.
  • So we’re looking at government crimes, which will automatically be covered up. How are they covered up? You convince people that it was a dangerous pandemic by convincing them that they have to wear a face mask, especially in the middle of the summer. In wearing one, you are personally investing in the government lie. Our actions influence our beliefs, so wearing a mask makes us believe in the lie.


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Dr. Denis Rancourt: the ‘Pandemic’ in 3 Takeaway Ideas [VIDEO]