COVID vaccine really is monkey business

Moving on. The actual name of the vaccine with which the poor of South Africa and Brazil are to be injected with is “COVID-19 vaccine ChAdOx1 nCOV-19_ZA_phI/II”. Chimpanzee. Adenosin. Oxford. Crudely put: Someone in Oxford has decided that monkey genetics are to be injected into South Africans, Sowetans first, and to potentially fiddle here with their human genetics.

I suggest you read that again.

Perhaps you can come up with a sentence that sounds less offensive? While being true?

We also note that the treacherous naming of the vaccine had been changed about that very time. Not once, but twice. In South Africa, four letters were removed by the authorities in the title of the trials. “ChAd” is suddenly gone.

While this does not make the origin platform being derived less of Chimpanzee origin, it obviously helps avoiding unpleasant questions by Sowetan participants. According to the interviews, they believe they are saving the world by helping science. They are not becoming the monkeys they were called in the past.

Injecting the African population of Soweto twenty five or so years after they had freed themselves from that system (which, by the way, was classified as “crime against humanity”) with actual monkey-derived genetics might pose a rather large PR issue when found out.

The merging of human with monkey genes is all part of the plan.

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