Contradiction in terms

St George Face Mask

Comply with the Law. Fly the flag. Help the Party!

This is an opportunity to use the lockdown rules against our globalist rulers. Show that we want our country back!!

Made from microfibres with flexible but resistant elastics, our masks are reusable and machine washable.

  • Reusable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable up to 60°C

To get yours, click on the link below, Henry:

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats

TAP.  The EDs are bringing a legal case stating that the lockdown and face mask measures are illegal.

Is Tilbrook having his cake and eating it too?


4 Responses to “Contradiction in terms”

  1. archer says:

    This is exactly what I thought too, when you first put up this story, Tap.

    It reminds me of the phrase, ‘Never let a good opportunity (to make a few quid) go to waste’…

  2. Aldous says:

    The English Democrats are clearly controlled/created false opposition and haven’t a hope in hell of making even a blind bit of difference to the political landscape, even if they were 100% genuine because if voting ever remotely made possible such a difference, TPTB would simply make voting illegal.
    Blood, toil, sweat and tears – and lots of it – is ultimately going to be necessary to make any meaningful change.

    They say that the darkest hour comes before the dawn but the reverse is also true when it comes to hubris and the satanic NWO and their bought and paid for sociopathic puppets in political and medical office.

    There is nothing ‘legal’ about being told to wear a totally pointless face diaper either.

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