Branson is Brabazon from the peerage.

There is also a David Huttner who is Senior VP of Nyras, formerly Virgin Blue. This links him to Richard Branson (above), of course. Branson is another spook from the old families of the peerage, as you can see here at WARGS. Like Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, Branson has been knighted, but that was probably a step down for him. He is probably in the peerage, and thereby outranked all knights from birth. Like many others, he is sold as a self-made billionaire, but there is no such thing in this world. Notice that he is a Hamilton, Chaplin, Warner, Fisher, Barnes, Phillips, Brabazon and Durham. Also notice that his ancestry is very scrubbed. His Jenkins line disappears after his grandmother, indicating that is where much of the action is. That is the matrilineal (Jewish) line, by the way. Branson may be scrubbed in that line because the Jenkins in the peerage are related to the Dunbars and MacKenzies, linking us to major action in Scotland—as we saw in my recent paper on Paul McCartney. This line links us to the Grants, Gordons, and Eyres, as well as the Hamiltons again. This double hit on Hamilton in so short a space does indicate to me that Branson is related to the peerage Jenkins. With a little more digging, we find the Jenkins related to the Vaughans and Herberts, possibly linking us already to David Vaughan Icke and Stacy Herbert. These Herberts are the Earls of Powis, and they link us to the Grahams (Dukes of Montrose), the Montagus (Dukes of Manchester), and the Crowleys. Gee, that name already came up above, didn’t it? Aleister Crowley.

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Guess who the Crowleys were related to? The Owens. On that page, we find a Lettice Crowley. That


first name also rings a bell, doesn’t it? Remember Lettice Knollys (below), related to the Riches?

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She was mother to the Earls of Essex and Leicester (above), the latter of whom was the favorite of Elizabeth I.

This indicates Crowley was from the same families, and was therefore a crypto-Jew like the rest. Shocking, eh?

And all this time you probably thought he was an Inuit. No, that is the real Crowley above, looking like a peer.


The Chaplins go back to the Baronet Chaplin, head of the South Sea Company (est. 1711). This was an early Jewish scheme to defraud investors, and it worked marvellously, as always. I really advise you to read the Wiki page there closely, where you will find that the SSC dealt mainly in insider trading, that its heads escaped largely unscathed, and that it was closely tied to the Bank of England. But pay special attention to this:

The [South Sea] company was restructured and continued to operate for more than a century after the Bubble. The headquarters were in Threadneedle Street at the centre of the financial district in London; today the Bank of England has headquarters on Threadneedle Street. At the time of these events the Bank of England also was a private company dealing in national debt, and the crash of its rival consolidated its position as banker to the British government.[4]

Just another astonishing coincidence, right? Although the crash of the SSC caused billions in losses and should have led to bankruptcy, somehow the company continued to operate for another century. And its good buddy the private Bank of England conveniently benefitted from this “crash” of the SSC, becoming the de facto national bank. You will say the SSC and Bank of England were competitors, but if you believe that you are smoking too much mainstream ganja. From just those three sentences, you should be able to intuit that the whole thing was managed, exactly like the recent managed collapses (Lehman Brothers, etc.). In all these events, it is the national treasury that takes the real hit. It gets robbed over and over in all countries in broad daylight by the same masked bandits, and no one ever seems to figure out the modus. The Keystone Kops are always looking the other way, with their hands in their britches and their tongues lolling out.

It reminds me of the old Smith Barney commercial with John Houseman: we make money the old- fashioned way. . . we steal it. That’s what he said, isn’t it? Anyway, that’s the way I remember it.

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Before we move on, it may interest you to know that the South Sea Company was a scheme of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford and Lord High Treasurer (first above). Well, Harley’s alleged great enemy was Viscount Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Secretary of State (second above). St. John was also a director of the SSC from 1711 to 1715. We have seen that name above as well, haven’t we? It was where Elizabeth Crowley married Baron John St. John. The two St. Johns were were half-brothers. Furthermore, these St. Johns were closely related to the Riches, Vaughans and Fishers. Richard Branson is a Fisher. Ollyollyoxenfree.

Henry St. John’s mother was Lady Mary Rich, daughter of the 3rd Earl of Warwick. We saw them above as well.

What this indicates is that, as usual, all these people were cousins, pretending to joust with one another while actually being allies. Henry St. John is supposed to have caused the arrest and jailing of Robert Harley after the crash of the South Sea Company, but that now looks faked. After a short two-year sentence, Harley was released, acquitted, and all his titles were returned to him. He lost no money in the deal—in fact, he left prison magnificently fattened in all ways. My belief is he never spent an hour in the Tower of London. Like the current thieves, he probably spent the two years on the golf course. No, wait, golf hadn’t been invented. So he was hunting foxes or something. The alleged jail term was just his exit from the project, making the public think something had been done. It successfully took everyone’s eyes off him.

As more indication of this, we can look at the Harleys in the peerage. Robert Harley’s brother Edward married Sarah Foley, whose great-grandmother was Margery Bennet. Remember, Aleister Crowley was trained in magic by Allan Bennett. Coincidence? No.

The 2nd Earl of Oxford, also Edward Harley, married Henrietta Cavendish-Holles. We saw the Cavendishes above, closely related to the Mathers. The 3rd Earl of Oxford married Martha Morgan, daughter of a Morgan and a Vaughan. The Morgan is scrubbed, but we can be sure he is related to J. P. Morgan. The 5th Earl of Oxford married Jane Scott, who had supposedly been a lover of Lord Byron, a Gordon. No chance that happened, since he was gay. So she was just a beard. This Jane Scott is scrubbed at both the peerage and Wiki, but her father is given as James. He is probably related closely to Hugh Scott, 5th of Gala, who married Elizabeth Stewart in 1727. These Stewarts are related to the Douglases, so we are right to the top of the Scottish hierarchy.

The 5th Earl of Oxford’s daughter married Lt. Col. Henry Venables-Vernon-Harcourt, whose mother was Lady Anne Leveson-Gower. Her brother was the Duke of Sunderland, her grandfather was Scroop Egerton, the Duke of Bridgwater, and her grandmother was the daughter of Wriothesley Russell, the Duke of Bedford. So the Harleys linked themselves to three Dukes with that one marriage in 1748. Not bad. Through the Russells, they also linked themselves to the Crowleys.

I hope you noticed I just made a probable link from David Vaughan Icke to Aleister Crowley. Not really surprising, is it?

Anyway, we just saw that the Harleys were Vaughans, and that the St. Johns were Vaughans. So the whole story about Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford, and St. John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, being enemies is very unlikely. As with everything else we have studied, the opposition was staged. They were both in on the ground floor of the South Sea project, promoting it to the hilt. So why would the crash of the SSC cause one to be sent to the Tower and not the other? It makes no sense. One simply played good cop and the other bad cop.

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On the way out, I will point out something you may have missed. Look at all the portraits of these rich bastards above. Then remind yourself that I am a portrait painter. Now do you understand why I have refused to paint the portraits of the elite of today? I have had my chances, but I have always begged off. Those around me didn’t understand why I would refuse good money, but maybe now you do.