Biden/Kamala ‘most anti-gun ticket in history’

Joe Biden’s selection of California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential nominee has created what the NRA has called “the most anti-gun ticket in history.” They also described the ticket as “an existential threat to gun owners.” While it is often said that history repeats itself, I think it is important that we learn from our past mistakes and try to build a better country than what our previous generations experienced.
Here is our most recent article published on Joe Biden and his stance regarding guns and the second amendment:
In my opinion, Joe Biden as president would be a threat to millions of gun owners in America who are protected by the constitution and the second amendment.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this piece and feel free to give it a signal boost!
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What makes the right to keep and bear arms so important? Simply put, the individual right to defend against aggression is fundamental to civil society. Self defense is a natural safeguard against violations by individuals or oppression by institutions, such as an increasingly powerful and unaccountable government. History has repeatedly shown that absent this protection, dominating rulers will use force to subjugate and trample the rights of defenseless individuals. We believe the best ammo deals will help Americans stay armed.

Criminals want soft targets, individuals who can’t or won’t fight back. Unchecked power corrupts even the best, and people who have known too much power over others for too long become increasingly comfortable with harsh and extreme measures. This is part of what happens when police officers brutalize the citizens they have sworn to protect. The corrupting effect of too much power is what permits a government to slaughter their own unarmed citizens, as we have seen too many times in the last century.

The Second Amendment was established to prevent such an imbalance of power. It protects our natural rights to live free of domination and coercion, both as individuals and as Americans. Because if we don’t have the ability to defend ourselves, we also risk losing the free exercise of our many other rights.

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