Are Some Local Authorities Deliberately Mistreating Pupils to Force Schools to Close?

“Are you joking about Covid, Timmy Watkins?”

A reader from Merseyside has been in touch with a disturbing story about the experience of his sons as they returned to school today:

My boys started back at school today. They’re usually quite robust and no nonsense but they came home in tears. They have to face the front all day. If they turn their heads it is a mandatory week exclusion. They must use the one way system (obviously) and if they are caught not doing so they are excluded. Three people excluded today because they forgot and turned the wrong way. They only get half an hour for lunch but they have to queue up in silence for 20 mins and when they get in they are moved off under the threat of exclusion and they have to be back in their rooms by the stroke of 30 mins or guess what happens? Exclusion. So no lunch. It’s the only break they get. Guess what happens if they talk in class, guess what happens if the slightest bit of uniform is wrong (even though we can only order from one supplier and they are running four weeks behind).

The school buses haven’t turned up and the public buses aren’t letting the kids on because they have provided a free bus for the school kids. ONE SINGLE DECKER FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL. They need to be in for 8:30am. If they are not in on time then they will be excluded. If they are seen around the school (outside) at any time before 8:30am then they will be excluded. How is this supposed to work, esp when they can’t get to school because their are no buses? The head has told me they should walk. A 90 min walk at 7am in winter, in the dark along a duel carriage way!! And the same home. Oldest child (13) has to go to school in school PE shorts that haven’t arrived and have three hours PE at end of day and then walk home in it. All the teachers are completely encased in acrylic boxes at the front of the classroom and aren’t allowed to leave them while pupils are in the classroom.

I’m all for discipline and I know it’s difficult, but this is ridiculous. I get the feeling this is teaching unions making it as difficult as possible in order to close the schools.

If public sector lockdown fanatics will mistreat children by turning their school into ruthless, no-mercy, boot camps, are there any depths to which they won’t stoop?


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