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Outrageous reporting …. but no surprises! ?
Covid skeptics and anti-vaxxers clash with police at London protest
Covid skeptics and anti-vaxxers clash with police at London protest
Thousands of people have descended on central London to protest against mass coronavirus vaccinations. The event, organised by opponents of lockdown measures, saw coronavirus sceptics and so-called “anti-vaxxers” holding banners and chanting “freedom” in Trafalgar Square.  Some branded the …
Today I am shocked as I ride through Ferndale in the Welsh Valleys on my way to Brecon Beacons..The people are ‘locked in’!! As are some other Welsh towns!! Locked down and locked in! ‘Experts’ say the answer is a simple to you use smartphone app!! Sounds ominous to me!! Then I go to my favourite pub in Brecon, Wellingtons and now can’t order food or a drink there anymore without downloading the Brains app… starving so I reluctantly did try to download the app but forgot my Apple ID.. I offered them cash and to keep the change as their till was switched off…We are being herded into a system which will make George Orwells 1984, and Brave New World seem like a holiday.. And once people accept all the track and trace apps, vaccinations, cashless and ultimately a microchip our freedoms will be eroded beyond repair and the gates will slam shut behind humanity…But Jason don’t be old fashioned and what can we all do anyway? Just REFUSE! Remember that empowering word that was knocked out of you early in school? But enough people are not saying NO but acquiescing, in fact I suspect some people see this new normal as quite trendy!! And a microchip and cashless is easier right?