Analyst drills down into COVID statistics. The only spread detectable is through exposure to faeces – in care homes and construction sites. Face masks have zero benefit.

This analysis goes into the details of health statistics at county level, and finds there are very few extra deaths in most places …. at all.

The only places where total deaths are rising are either in long term care facilities (care homes), and on construction sites, where ‘portaloos’ are in use.

The economic effects of the countermeasures taken by states and cities are massive – destroying jobs by the million.  Yet they are a total waste of time, failing to identify how COVID spreads, or whether it is even a threat at all..

The effects of wearing face masks on spread are ZERO!!!!!!

This video drills right down into the detail and finds there is no COVID crisis at all – almost everywhere.

This is a nothing burger.

Mask wearing in hospitals has been shown to be counterproductive.

This is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the USA – not to mention the rest of the world.

The information as to how and where COVID spreads is being suppressed to save politicians who must be exposed.


This post is clear and concise–as usual, KD. Yet, there is virtually no impetus–and no pathway–for the citizenry to counter the overwhelming “pandemic panic” seemingly embraced, by screaming Karens, every politician down to dog catcher and virtually all businesses, in demanding that we all “mask up, dammit, it’s just a damn mask.”

Like you, I am enormously frustrated and disappointed in my country for continuing this farce beyond the first 15 days to “flatten the curve.” Then, there was uncertainty; now, there is only the continual moving of the goal posts until “every last virion is destroyed”/we get the vaccine.”

All of this is shyt; all designed to keep us off-balance, fearful, unquestioning of the motives of the CANCER that is our American “leadership.”

It is The Great Distraction. What are we missing? NWO manipulations? Banking realignments? A presidential elections to be stolen?

When The Powers That Be want us to look “there” I look around to see what they do not want me to see. And what I see is a communist takeover of the U.S. (or at least a solidification of their position).

We will go to guns before this is over, I fear. Perhaps over the demand to “stick out your arms, dammit, it’s just a damn shot.”


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