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  1. Prometheus says:

    What the phase 1 trials of the first COVID-19 vaccine really mean:

    (May 21, 2020 1.26pm BST):

    ”What has not been revealed:

    Unconventional for a scientific study, data was given from only eight of the 45 volunteers — four each from the 25 and 100 microgram doses, who developed neutralizing antibodies.

    Neutralizing antibodies are essential for an effective long-lasting vaccine because they not only bind to the virus, but they block an infection. The age of the eight volunteers is not known. That is important information because COVID-19 is far more deadly for older patients. It’s important to know if this immune response was limited to the younger participants.

    Also, the neutralizing antibody response in the remaining 37 volunteers was not disclosed. So it is impossible to know whether the mRNA-1273 was ineffective in them, or whether the results were not available at this point.

    The phase 2 trial for mRNA-1273 has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In this trial each subject will receive two vaccinations – prime and booster – of either a placebo, a 50 microgram, or a 250 microgram dose given 28 days apart.

    The amended choice for a higher dose suggests that the lowest 25 microgram dose of phase 1 was not very effective. Moderna expects phase 3 trial to start in July and anticipates to produce 1 billion doses of the vaccine soon thereafter.”

  2. Tapestry says:

    1 billion doses? Costing 50 cents to make and selling for $50 a pop. The finances must be almost impossible to resist no matter how many trial testers pass away or are crippled for life.

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