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You will likely require a sick bag to hand to view this effort by the BBC.

Coronavirus: Can Rishi Sunak save the economy from Covid-19?
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BBC seem to have removed this recent article. Are they even capable of shame ?
A shameful piece of propaganda produced by the BBC and quickly withdrawn following criticism. Video posted here for educational and evidential purposes 🙂

BBC source – now unavailable

Accompanying text from the first snapshot on Wayback.

Coronavirus: Can Rishi Sunak save the economy from Covid-19?

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has a plan to save the UK economy from the effects of coronavirus.

But will his financial superpowers be enough to save the day?

Economics correspondent Dharshini David reports.

Video by Ben King, Terry Saunders and Kate Forbes. Camera: Megan Fisher.

31 Jul 2020

Media criticism
‘Reeks of propaganda’: BBC denounced after portraying UK finance minister as SUPERHERO on mission to ‘SAVE the economy’ (VIDEO)
31 Jul, 2020 16:22