Wiping out the middle class. All part of the plan.

All part of the COVID plan.  Spiro Skouras gives the details of The Great Reset.  Part of Agenda 2030.  The World Economic Forum gives clues as to what to expect, what’s called ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’.

‘Urgency and Emergency’ as regards the climate situation.  It’s part of a fifty year old plan.

COVID shows the current system is broken, and not fit any more, they claim.

Prince Charles is part of the plan to end the current system and replace it.  What with?

No borders.

Freedom to travel removed.

Massive fiscal stimulus but only on condition it’s a greener, smarter and fairer world.

Carbon pricing will be introduced i.e. a carbon tax – which will massively increase fuel and energy prices.

A new social contract which includes the new generation.

The fourth industrial revolution.

14 of the 17 sustainable development goals include vaccination.

Wealth redistribution through taxation.

Transhumanist agenda – merging man with machines.  Natural to merge with artificial.  A human being will no longer be seen as a natural being.

A values shift.  A new economic model. 

Shifting wealth to where the government wants it to go.  Your wealth.

COVID is being used to accelerate the process.  Famous people are being enrolled to sell the ripping of your wealth and standard of living.

Thoughts and emotions are going to be accessible to government.  They will manipulate these to their own ends.  Freedom of speech is no longer a requirement, they say.

This is about Control.  Robots removing jobs.  The virus is being blamed.  Digitised currencies.  Digital identity plan.  Digital passport.

We the people don’t even get a vote.  The technocrats says the future of humanity isn’t human at all.