Who might visit Harry and Meghan?

……let’s get back to Diana’s …………’death’.

The fact it was fiction would also explain the poor acting of the royal family after the death. Will and Harry never seemed that distraught, did they? And of course Charles always looked like he could care less. As for the Queen, she could hardly disguise her glee. This is because the whole thing had been manufactured to get rid of Diana once and for all. They had already gone through a nasty and embarrassing divorce a year earlier, and that hadn’t accomplished much at all, except make things worse. Worse because everyone took Diana’s side. So by “get rid of her”, I mean get the public’s eyes off her, not kill her. The Queen, who had once been a beauty herself, couldn’t stand being upstaged by this younger and prettier woman, especially once it became clear Diana couldn’t stand Charles and would continue to make a mockery of the marriage. A faked death would solve many of those problems, since a dead woman can’t continue to make public appearances and be interviewed. She can’t be feted for supporting good causes, and can’t make the papers for her dalliances either.

More proof in this direction is the strange method of her “burial”. She was allegedly buried by herself on an island in the middle of a lake. Yeah, I didn’t know that until today, either. Very weird. On the huge Spencer estate at Althorp, where her father the Earl Spencer lived until 1992, and which her brother the current Earl still owns, they built a memorial:

Yes, we are supposed to believe she is buried there by herself, not in the family plot with the others. No other Spencer is buried in the middle of that lake, or ever was.

We are always told that a faked death couldn’t work, since the family wouldn’t agree to be split like that. Will and Harry wouldn’t keep quiet about it and would demand to see their mother. But what no one seems to understand is how easy that would be to deal with. Just as the death was cake for MI6 to fake, having the kids see their mother whenever they liked would also be cake. These people live in huge castles surrounded by extensive grounds and high fences, remember? So no one knows what goes on in Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace or any of those places unless the royals want them to know. It is not like Diana would have a problem getting in or out. They drive her in in a car with tinted windows, or better, chopper her in. Who will be the wiser? I will be told that servants would

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squeal to the papers. Yeah, maybe, but since the papers won’t print it, it doesn’t matter. Society is tightly controlled, and that section of society the most of all. I will told that servants would talk locally, and the word would get out that way. Yes, and I assume it does, to a very limited extent. But it stops there because it is never confirmed by the mainstream. The rumors are never allowed to spread. Large amounts of money are spent squelching them. One assignment of the spooks is to deal with talkative servants. There are ways to deal with that.

Plus, they don’t really care if a few people know this was faked. IT DOESN’T MATTER. It doesn’t require that everyone believe it. It only requires that the official story remain intact, because as long as it does Diana cannot resurface and start making appearances in the paper again. The Queen doesn’t care if Diana visits her children. The Queen doesn’t care if Diana lives a quiet life somewhere, out of the limelight. All she cares about is that Diana not be famous anymore. She demands that Diana’s media attention remain at zero, and a faked death accomplishes that, you see.

You will say that all Diana has to do is go to the media herself. But that wouldn’t work because, again, the media is controlled. No one would print the story. If she goes on Facebook or Twitter or Youtube, the authorities just deny it is her, claiming it is an imposter. But my assumption is that Diana agreed to this anyway. She was probably just as tired of the media circus as the Queen, and welcomed a way out. My guess is she is married to some second son of some Earl or Baron somewhere in the country, with a changed name and a second family. Possibly she is now a brunette. That is about all it would take. Most people aren’t that good at facial recognition; and besides, locals tend to be protective in cases like this. The ones who know tend to be proud to be in on the secret, and would shield Diana rather than expose her. And if any local starts making real trouble, MI5 is again there to put a lid on it. Again, they don’t care if you know. All they care is that you don’t make trouble.

Which is why they won’t blink twice at this paper. What a few unconnected people know is meaningless to them. If I told you exactly where she was and suggested that you and thousands of others storm the place to free her from her bonds of anonymity, CIA would probably end up on my doorstep, but that isn’t what I am doing. I didn’t need to read about Diana when she was alive and don’t need to be updated on what she is doing now. I don’t really care. I just wish they would fake the deaths of all the royals and nobles, so that we didn’t have to hear about any of them and all their stupid philanthropies, charities, projects, concerns, and other self-promotions—including their rotten art, their rotten science, and their rotten literature.

I only write these papers because I want to know the truth. Sorting through the lies helps me to understand better the world I am living in, and it may help you too.

Addendum Dec. 14, 2019: After doing a bit more reading—cued by readers—I discovered we can pull the Cohens in here as well. I said above that the Stanleys and Cohens seem to appear in just about every major hoax we look at. Well, Diana had been in a two-year relationship with Hasnat Khan up until the month before the hoax. According to the peculiar mainstream timeline, Diana allegedly moved from Khan to Fayed in the same month. More indication of a fake. You don’t get over “Mr. Wonderful” that fast. Which indicates Diana was probably still with Khan after the faked death, having never split from him. So that is probably where we can place her in late 1997. Khan was living in London at the time (working at London Chest Hospital), so it would appear that Diana never left London—or didn’t go far. I am not saying she is still with him, since he remarried in 2006. But my guess is that is where she was in late 1997. When they split and where she is now is anyone’s guess.

But that is not why I am here. I am here to remind you that I have previously suggested Khan is a slur of Kahn, which is a variant of Kohn/Kohen. This also probably links us to Komnene. So the Khans are just the Eastern cast of the Cohen family. They admit this links us to Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is a cousin of Hasnat. I remind you that it also probably links us to the Kurt Cobain hoax, where we saw a Khan on the suicide note. That would be Capt. Larry Khan, probably referring to Interscope executive Larry Khan. That Larry Khan looks something like Hasnat Khan, and may be from this Pakistani family. No biographical information on this Larry Khan was to be found, then or now.

Oh, and remember the London bridge fake stabbing from two weeks ago, which included Usman Khan as fake stabber and Sadiq Khan as fake mayor. We can file them under the name Cohen too, I guess.


TAP – Harry and Meghan bought a $14 million estate far from anywhere, ideal for visits by relatives who want to be out of the limelight.  Harry’s probable father James Hewitt met with a sudden end not that many years ago.  Maybe the Kahn relationship was another con, as were Diana’s supposed many others, all put together by the media to hide the Hewitt connection.

Harry might want to receive visits from his parents in peace away from the world’s media.  Who could blame him?  Could the Diana fake death explain the Harry and Meghan fake split from the Royal Family?  To see more details on why Miles Mathis believes her death was faked, you should read the whole article.  It’s a charming idea – Diana visiting her grandchildren yet to be born, James Hewitt in tow….

From Miles Mathis on Dodi Fayed.

Anyway, back to Fayed. If Dodi didn’t fake his death to avoid that fake lawsuit, why did he fake it? I can only guess, but I would say he did it for the usual reason: to join MI6 and go undercover. Remember, like Trevor Rees-Jones, Dodi also came out of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. That’s right, pause on that one for effect, too. Dodi and Trevor both came out of Sandhurst. Coming out of Sandhurst, Dodi was assigned as an attaché to the United Arab Emirates Embassy in London—a normal spook assignment. He was not from the UAE, he was Egyptian, so the assignment otherwise makes no sense. Why would this billionaire’s son become an embassy attaché? I say it is probably because he was MI6 from the very beginning, and this is how young agents get their feet wet.

After that he graduated to Hollywood, also a subset of Intelligence. But by the time he was 42, he was ready for a meatier assignment. He was tired of flims and wished to move on. His Middle Eastern looks and nondescript appearance may have made him useful in more serious projects. In other words, he didn’t just want to fake projects for Hollywood, he wanted to fake projects for real. And he didn’t want to do it from the sidelines, as an executive director, he wanted to do it for real. So the Diana project was his first “real” project. Or, it was sold as real, rather than fiction. It wasn’t sold as a pretend story through Hollywood, it was sold as a real story through the mainstream media. Its success was Dodi’s springboard into the world of covert ops.

You may not know that Dodi’s brother Omar is also a spook, though he keeps his head a bit lower. He produced the 2015 documentary The Sunshine Makers, which is a rather late promotion of LSD, but which takes its place in the proud line of Intelligence drug-pushing going back decades. It reminds us that the original LSD pusher of the 1960s was Augustus Owsley Stanley III, supposedly from a political family in Kentucky, but obviously another peerage brat pushing Operation Chaos. The Stanleys pop up in these projects almost as often as the Cohens. Owsley has been scrubbed from the peerage, but even Steely Dan admitted he was of these lines, naming their song about him Kid Charlemagne. And what was the name of their album including that song? The Royal Scam. Anyway, he was scum of the lowest kind.

So is Omar Fayed, who pretends to be an environmentalist while pushing for space exploration and colonization. He is a fellow of the Institute of Ecotechnics here in New Mexico, started by fellow spook John Polk Allen of the same crypto-Jewish families. Allen was a mole from the Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation, having worked there as well as with David Eli Lilienthal (Tennessee Valley Authority and Atomic Energy Commission) in the 1950s. So you should be a bit surprised to find him hanging out with Burroughs, Kerouac, and the other phony Beats in the 1960s, calling himself Johnny Dolphin. Like others around him in this movement, he pretended to write plays, poetry, and whatnot, but everything he did was crap—on purpose. Again, it was part of Operation Chaos, and was intended to promote Modernism while at the same time destroying real art of all kinds. This not only replaced real art with a new art that could be used for money laundering, it also displaced all real artists with fake ones from the Families. In other words, the truly talented were kicked out of their own fields and replaced by the talentless children of the superrich. These kids could then be promoted as geniuses, giving them the attention they desired while completely fracturing all forms of true expression. Without these forms of expression, it was hoped any chance for revolution or resistance would be destroyed—as has pretty much been the case.

To disrupt the real hippies, Allen started Synergia Ranch in 1969—same year as the fake Manson Murders—and the Institute of Ecotechnics in 1973. This was the attempt to hijack and divert the environmental and art movements of the 1960s, pulling in earnest progressives and then subtly turning them to ineffectual paths. It was yet another disempowerment project posing as an empowerment project.

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Allen was also behind the ridiculous Biosphere project, a 250 million dollar project to save the Earth by

building a big plastic dome on her and creating a closed system. The main point of the project was creation of fear: the reason we needed to do this, we were told, is that the natural system of the Earth was coming to an end, either due to inevitable nuclear war, overpopulation, or system degradation. Same project of fear the fake Hawking was still selling last year before his fake death. This fear allowed for greater levels of taxation across the board, including taxation for fake NASA and SpaceX projects to colonize and explore space.

So anyway, that is who Omar Fayed has joined. He is pushing ahead that execrable set of projects.


Miles Mathis connects to the Diana death fake first of all through looking at pictures (which look fake once you’ve been told what to look for), and focusing on who was Trevor Rees-Jones?  I found this all very hard to take in to begin with.  But on a second and third visit to the post, I can start to swing round to Mathis point of view.  That made me wonder if the Harry/Meghan mystery could have something to do with Harry wanting to be near his parents.