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  1. ian says:

    Due to the fact that I can’t comment any other way, I’ll have to comment here. To Alan Vaughn.

    Hi Alan, who exactly are you? I suspect possibly Captain Alan Vaughn of 77 Brigade. You are obviously well educated and opinionated, and not blocked from commenting as I and many others are.
    You came out in defence of Roundup weedkiller recently. You said that it was extremely useful and I know that it is, but surely the fact that it is a proven carcinogen, and that it is widely used to “crispen up”, crops destined for children’s breakfast cereal directly before harvest, and can be found in just about every foodstuff worldwide, should make any sane human being question it’s use. Asbestos was useful too, but now needs removed by men in space suits.
    Operation Torch California.
    Any aerial spraying of toxins such as Aluminium Strontium and Barium, will be done under the utmost secrecy. Websites such as https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/
    Are easily found and supply much information, however to see a jet trail across the sky widen and widen till it blots the sky into a milky pale shadow of what it was, you only need eyes. Even if it were condensation it would be a crime, however it contains the chemicals I mentioned above, and aluminium, is not a naturally occurring element as a metal.
    As for DEWs etc I only rely on outside information, however really odd burn patterns are constantly shown, and these would indicate the likelihood of the claims being true. You seem very establishment oriented Alan, however I feel that as events unravel regarding Agenda 21 over the next 5 or so years and this winter in particular, I think that you’ll come to see, that we are really ruled over by some very unpleasant people. Feel free to reply on here if you wish.

  2. ian says:

    Just a nagging thought. The article recently with the chanting crowd outside Buck house and the Royal’s absence. It seemed contrived and unexpected as if it was an explanation for the Royals absence. Something will go down in London soon. Possibly 5G orientated or something that would create circumstances where it would be better not to be there, (for them), us oinks don’t matter.

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