August 11, 2020


 We never imagined tyranny would take the form of a mass hallucination, where the common cold is elevated to a pandemic and almost everyone in government, business, media, and health is perpetrating the hoax.
This confirms they’re all controlled by a satanic cult, Freemasonry, tasked with enslaving us.  Freemasonry is the instrument of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel. 
Meanwhile, the people don’t seem any the wiser. They docilely accept unemployment, bankruptcies, ballooning government debt (taxation), and the loss of freedom and simple pleasures of life (like summer camps for children & sports.) Unless we stand up, we will be complicit in our own enslavement. 
Below, Steve Brennan assesses the damage and the danger.
“All of this for a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate. This COVID-19 operation is not about your health, it is about absolute control of the global population!
The lockdown proves “beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do not live in a just and moral democracy because a just and moral democracy requires that the government engage the doctors and professionals and investigate all aspects and positions, while investigative journalism, as an uncompromised media, informs the population. We have none of that.”

 by Stewart Brennan 


When the new flu season arrives in autumn 2020, our western governments and mainstream news media are preparing to go into overdrive and declare (without evidence) that the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is here. The fact is, they’re already pushing this narrative by declaring that there’s an uptick in COVID-19 cases and so governments around the world are now imposing mandatory mask laws on the population (see here and here) with added threats of national lock-downs!

The entire COVID-19 narrative has been hyped up beyond stupid & bulled through on the global population by national governments around the world without providing any credible evidence, & when actual data is provided by Investigative Journalists, doctors and professionals on social media for all to see, they are censored and removed by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and major Internet search engines such as Google. The practice is Orwellian, as it censors free speech & is in collusion with the U.N. World Health Organization and its corporate financiers.

To make things worse, the fear-driven COVID-19 narrative is being pushed by mainstream media that does not provide investigative journalism. Together, they are all working against the population of the world and our communities by silencing professionals & their data on COVID-19, a virus that has proven to be no worse than the seasonal flu.

In reality, there will be no second wave; however, there will be a continuing flu cycle with the beginning of the annual flu season set to kick-off when schools reopen in late August or early September 2020…and classes will not be going back to normal as social distancing rules are already in place including half classes with half of the year at home and online. This whole COVID event has embedded fear, worry, and panic within the minds of our children. What these amount to is psychological terrorism on our children!

The fear-mongering on COVID-19 has already sparked public panic and anger in many countries, but in particular, there has been and will continue to be, a huge backlash on all the people who are protesting government over-reaction and media propagation of mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, vaccines and the lock-down of society.

The lack of real investigation by mainstream media into the facts of COVID-19, the economic lock-down, and mandatory mask laws imposed by government are major failures within our communities. They prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do not live in a just and moral democracy because a just and moral democracy requires that the government engage the doctors and professionals and investigate all aspects and positions, while investigative journalism, as an uncompromised media, informs the population. We have none of that.

The fallout and backlash by mainstream news believers on those opposed to the COVID-19 narrative is ramping up because those in fear of COVID-19 are feeling empowered by the government and media propaganda to publicly attack those not wearing masks or attack those who question the mainstream narrative. Violence will become more common and a deeper division within our communities will result if this COVID fear campaign is not ended soon.

The majority of people who continue to believe the COVID-19 narrative are also in favor of the government push for mandatory vaccinations from vaccines that will miraculously appear from the “for-profit only” pharmaceutical corporations embedded in collusion with the World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Western Economic Cartel.

Division of society by the western economic cartel is carried out through their close economic relationship with the mainstream media, political parties at all levels of government…and their collusion with the social media platforms and the major Internet search engines which have censored all opposing opinion.

Censorship has been rampant across the Internet over the past two years but since the COVID-19 narrative began, censorship on social media has been in overdrive silencing doctors, professionals, and all voices that bring real data and differing opinion on COVID-19.


What will also ensue during this false second wave will be more lock-downs and restrictions that will further the bankruptcy of small businesses which directly affects our communities. After all, the economy is made up of 60% small business; i.e. restaurants, bars, taverns, pubs, hair salons, barbershops, corner stores, and a host of many mom and pop shops that cater to everything else.

Unemployment and bankruptcy will also affect the fraudulent real estate market that continues to inflate housing prices way past the point of affordability. All of this points to a major economic crash that will take everything away from the people & put it in the pockets of the banking & corporate economic cartel.

Those that stand to gain from the resulting economic crash are major corporations and / or billionaires with deep pockets looking to usurp all small enterprises to meet their growth requirements or to simply create a new corporate UBER industry out of the ashes of small business bankruptcies such as, for example, a consolidated hair salon/barbershop industry…all connected to a digital monetary banking system that will account for all revenue, taxes, and tips…And of course, mega fast-food corporations will certainly benefit from the closure of the many family restaurants that compete against them.

In fact, Ontario Canada has just imposed a new law where all patrons of restaurants will have to give up their personal information on who they are, where they’ve been, who they’ve been with, & all their info will be held by the restaurant for 30 days! That will definitely hurt small business restaurants, especially when they do not have a drive-through or delivery service.

And what to do with the hundreds of thousands of grounded planes? What about the millions of jobs in the airline Industries? There is only one trend and direction that can happen here without total bankruptcy, and that is a consolidation of the Industry with a huge reduction in services.

The Airlines not bailed out during this COVID-19 scam will eventually be consumed by larger corporate airlines through economic consolidation…the aviation Industry will not return to peak business levels again unless by some miracle the economy suddenly grows and puts everyone back to work…but when the global economy severely contracts due to the overreaction of COVID-19 with no end in sight, well then, it’s safe to assume that growth is not going to come back anytime soon. Besides, the economic system was already on its way to collapse before the false pandemic was enacted.

As a result of closed borders and mandatory two-week isolation, tourism is still on hiatus in most of the World and of course that affects small business as well.

If you believe that your government is acting in your best interests, think again. Ask yourself, what was the last thing they did that didn’t involve corporate or banking profits?


Big Pharma companies are “for-profit only” organizations that have no concern for the human population. The only things they are concerned about is their bottom line and profit margins. Would you really trust a corporation whose very existence is to make money from you any way they can with a vaccine that could earn them hundreds of billions of dollars?

Like all other corporate Industries tied to the economic cartel, Pharmaceutical companies have a long history of dishonesty and criminal behavior when it comes to their economic viability. Any corporation whose viability depends on a vaccine rushed to market during an economic collapse due to the very flu the vaccine was designed for, is going to be a fraud and a huge moneymaker for the corporation that produces it…and the sad thing is, people will believe that a vaccine will save them from a coronavirus that has already mutated and evolved…the thing is, everyone has probably already had COVID-19 and didn’t know it since the symptoms for the 2019 coronavirus in the majority of people is mild. People must not think they have an immune system.

If we look at elderly care homes, where most of deaths from COVID-19 happened, there are rules that force all residents to have mandatory flu shots once or twice a year. And so, as I look back on my own experience of having had a parent in an elderly care home, residents had their mandatory vaccination during the flu season. As I visited my mother 4 or 5 times a week over a six-month period, I noticed an uptick in resident deaths shortly after the flu vaccine was administered. Familiar faces were gone and new ones appeared, ambulances were a common sight during this time and that was 2015. That is not to say that the vaccine alone causes death in the elderly even though by taking the vaccine you are injecting your system with a virus including additional poisonous ingredients within the vaccine, but the annual flu also claims lives in exactly the same manner and numbers every year.

The flu vaccine is created by a for-profit pharmaceutical company and its product is always a guesstimate with a 70% miss rate. That’s because the virus always mutates into a new virus every year…and every year the very young with undeveloped immune systems and the elderly who have additional medical conditions die from the annual flu.

Given that all vaccines contain harmful toxins to humans including mercury, and aluminum, there is a real concern that vaccines do more harm than good to everyone especially the young and elderly.

Most people are unaware of vaccine risks because the mainstream media does not do their job with investigative journalism, health organizations discount the risks and our governments refuse to investigate and would rather rubber stamp corporate products that generate revenue while exempting pharmaceutical companies from liability.


Mandatory Mask laws are going into effect in nation after nation as the fear-mongering by government and mainstream media begins its second wave.

It’s bad enough that censorship of doctors and professions is raging across the Internet and removing any dialog or real information on masks and COVID-19; but it is another thing to see and experience fearful people harassing and lashing out at those not wearing masks. People have become so entrenched in their beliefs that they are actually fist fighting each other over mask-wearing. Society has been divided and increasingly, we are at war with each other over a mask. We are being conditioned to “Obey” government directives regardless of how dystopian those directives are and those who obey feel empowered to lash out at those who do not.

Masks do not prevent COVID-19. They do more harm than good especially when worn for long periods of time.


The World Economic Forum has just released a very disturbing video on how they will proceed with opening up society while maintaining that COVID-19 is here to stay. Their vision is fear-based and totalitarian and proves what many of us in the alternative news have been saying; that our future will be locked down in submission to government directives which will force people to be tested often, vaccinated annually, and provide proof of these soon to be mandatory measures or you will not be allowed to participate in society. i.e. Schools, work, sports, entertainment venues and sports stadiums, shopping malls, food stores, or access to any buildings including courts, banks and government offices without feeling the penalty of the law. 

This is a classic move by dictatorships where a problem (COVID-19) is created to raise fear levels for a while and then they provide you with their planned dystopian solution for society to remedy the fears…at the expense of your freedom.

All of this for a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate. This COVID-19 operation is not about your health, it is about absolute control of the global population!

Masks Are a Psychological Preparation for Mandatory Vaccinations


Humanity is being corralled and forced into obedience by the state whose directives come from the United Nation’s World Health Organization which is compromised and funded by Pharmaceutical corporations, banks and special interests such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation within the western economic cartel. To continue down the path that they prescribe is to march humanity straight into global totalitarianism without any means of redress.

Border closings, travel restrictions, and lock-downs have put an end to our freedom of movement. Shutting down investigative journalists including Doctors and professionals by censoring real data on COVID-19, virology, coronaviruses, vaccines and the dangers of prolonged mask-wearing is an attack on press freedom and free speech. The act itself closes down all avenues of redress.

Anyone who opposes the oppressive COVID laws that governments have imposed on their citizens is met with severe punishment, jail, and or heavy fines

The economic depression that will unfold has the potential to cause a massive die-off due to mass unemployment, evictions, food shortages, isolation, forced compromise on the immune system, collapsing health care systems, and the repression of the population by economically compromised governments.

We no longer have our freedom of movement or freedom of speech nor is there real democracy anymore when all political parties are compromised by the corporations and private banks of the economic cartel. Human rights are limited to what our governments dictate, and freedom of the press has long since been removed from mainstream media while alternative Independent press is heavily censored. The freedoms we once experienced in North America and Europe are gone…

What is happening around the world right now is the deliberate destruction of the global economy and the most affected are the small businesses that make up the bulk of economics in our communities. It’s the final act of consolidation and consumption of our communities by large corporate and private banking interests where any form of resistance will be crushed by the state. The actual face of the monster that controls our world has been revealed and it is pure evil…is this the world you want to live in or leave to your children and grandchildren?

Thanks to John B for sending this.