Watch your manners, mask demanders.

When someone says to me – ‘can you wear a mask please’, I get a little annoyed … to put it mildly.

They should say ‘are you able to wear a mask Sir?’

My answer is – ‘No I cannot  –  due to medical reasons and oxygen shortage.’

There will be no mask as far as I am concerned in either case, but at least my host or supplier will not have set me fuming, and unable to speak to them without wanting to curse!!!!

I would definitely move my custom away based on how receptionists handle this delicate matter.  It is a highly intrusive demand to ask someone to cover their face and should not be undertaken casually – or even at all if a relationship is not to be affected.  We have already decided to move opticians from our old one who seem to be in a state of near panic, and can’t handle the situation correctly.  Yes go through the motions of whatever silly games are demanded by our dear Fuhrer, but remain aware at all times you are dealing with a customer.

Once I bite back at a bullying mask demander, I notice they don’t ask me again.  I would prefer it if they handled the thing correctly to begin with.

Think about this hotels, opticians, dentists and even toilet receptionists.  There are many people who can’t wear a mask, who have health issues.  Don’t just bully casually imagining you have the power of government on your side, or you will lose your customers.