VIDEO: Spanish Doctor Destroys Government-Media COVID ‘Crisis’ Narrative

ER Editor: 21Wire sums it up perfectly below: Dr. Luis de Benito, a Madrid hospital doctor, just won’t buy into the media hype of fear and hospital ‘saturation’. Until another, aggressive male anchor is brought on to doubt him, to the point of insults.

As de Benito confirms: there are only a very few ‘cases’ in the hospitals, and the PCR test is picking up false positives, meaning that these people aren’t necessarily sick. Watch the doctor’s facial reaction as the female presenter insists on the numbers of ‘contagious admissions’ to the hospital before she changes tack to talk about vaccines (around 2:54). On the topic of vaccines, he deals with it perfectly.

Are half the Spanish population at risk because they do in fact carry a cancer-causing bacteria in them, he questions. ‘Why doesn’t the media report on this?’

‘The first thing we need to do is vaccinate against fear because of all the social panic we have created.’


VIDEO: Spanish Doctor Destroys Government-Media COVID ‘Crisis’ Narrative

When this mainstream Spanish news program brought on this medical expert, TV producers and their presenter had no idea how quickly their guest would completely dismantle the mainstream media and government ‘crisis’ narrative for COVID-19. 

The situation got so bad for the network that producers had to remove their female presenter and replace her with a more aggressive inquisitor in order to try and discredit their own guest.

Watch as Spanish Dr Luis de Benito dismantles the government-media panic narrative for conronavirus in Spain:

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VIDEO: Spanish Doctor Destroys Government-Media COVID ‘Crisis’ Narrative