The Smithfield Martyrs

The Christian religion was equally brutal as the Moslem.

Until the Enlightenment saved many from torture and execution for blasphemy.

Mark Windows brings to life the awful fate of the Smithfield Martyrs who dared to stand against the Catholic Church.

We must not throw away the freedom so many paid so dearly for in the past.

Take off your mask now.

From Mark Windows.
amazing video mate would love to see more of this kind of stuff !
Excellent video. History continues to repeat itself. The Martyrs were accused of “Hate Speech!” Then, as now, truth is pure and doesn’t need laws to protect it, only lies do! Behind the lies there’s always power and wealth attained via shady means! Keep up the good work, it’s a brilliant film.
Beautiful music! The trailer is superb, can’t wait for the movie. Please share, everyone – costs you nothing = )
fantastic mr windows! I’ll see to trying to push it around my limited social outreach.. As I generally attempt to give your brilliant work to anyone who will listen.. see you in the rat cave
666 views as I logged on.. that’s a bit weird!
Thomas Moore was part of the cabal that’s for sure..