The real agenda emerges

CoVid” was the Perfect Storm of institutionalized medical science fraud, news media and academic malfeasance, and a power grab by people who believe in centralized authoritarian control including Central Bankers. I wrote that in March and I see no reason to revise the position.

They’ve been simultaneously cooking the digital ID/money tech and medical fascism for years. They just used this Virus Hysteria to catalyze it. Thanks to 36 years of Fauci’s medical/media/government frauds, the whole propaganda network to carry it out was already in place.

The Virus Hysteria is being used as a trigger and distraction for the real agenda.

See also the Central banking takeover of Retail Banking, destroying lending to small companies and SMEs.  Jobs are at risk as Central bankers withdraw vital lending services.  Retail banks close or merge across the globe.

Save your job. Take off your ‘shopping’ mask.