The End of Days for the Cabal?


by Jon Davy

This is interesting. Check out the video!

The following is speculation on my part:

The “Deep State” (Globalists/NWO/Cabal, call them what you will) are a global dynastic crime syndicate that comprise in effect a Big Bucks Aristocracy for the planet that has been working very hard and very covertly for a long time to form an authoritarian one-world government that operates through local puppet governments.

They will leave alone any national leader who is a “their boy” (examples are such war-mongering loons as Tony Blair and Barak Obama or Boris Johnson) unless it suits their purpose to betray him or her.

They will attack and attempt to remove anyone who comes to power in a country who is not “their boy”.

Vladimir Putin back at the time the globalists were looking for an excuse for the US etc to attack Syria stuck his neck out and showed himself to not be “their boy|”. Ever since he has been attacked and vilified.

Donald Trump has shown himself to not be “their boy” and the attacks on him have been relentless.

It seems possible that Xi in China may not be their boy either, hence the effort to discredit him by trotting out one of their front men like Soros to tell us how bad he is.

Am I right? We’ll see.

But if I am, the Cabal/Deep State creeps have a problem in that all three of the major powers now have governments not on board with them, who have goals and ambitions of their own either for themselves or their countries or both. This does not necessarily make them angels but it DOES mean the cabal is losing its grip and approaching the End of Days so far as it is concerned.

It is therefore very very jittery and I would imagine terrified of losing its hold. If it loses its hold, then the prospect looms of it, its major players, henchmen and collaborators having to answer for their crimes, which are considerable.

That panic has spawned the Coronavius psyop which is now unraveling and is going to prove, as the truth as to how they tried to play us comes out, catastrophic for them and their collaborators (such as Bojo their tame Prime Minister in the UK and his henchman Hancock.)

I should also point out that these sly globalist creeps are not infallible and they make blunders. One of them being using degenerates with no credibility such as Soros as their front man.

When this centuries’ old cabalistic aristocracy falls, will we replace it with something decent?

Well there is every chance that we can but it will be up to us and what we, the People, do with the power that has been returned to us.

The above article was originally published on UK Reloaded

The End of Days for the Cabal?

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