Summer Snow In China for 2nd year. Grand Solar Minimum cuts food production worldwide.

Summer snow in China for second year.  Great photos.

Lakes appearing in Middle East in driest areas on the planet.  Oman and Yemen.  Making new growing zones.

Finger clouds appearing.  What are they?

1000s of cars arriving at Texas food banks, which are running out of food.  Businesses closing making more needy people.

Record highs in the stock market not matched by the real economy.

Rental housing becoming much bigger sector.  People fleeing out of New York.  Heading for Texas and Georgia.

Prepare for supply chain breakdowns.

Food storage advice.

Unexplained change the new normal.

The 400 year Grand Solar Minimum is changing the weather into a planetoid (solar system wide) cool period.

No one is being told.  From David Dubyne.