Suing the Canadian Government Over COVID19 Measures Sets World Precedent – update

Constitution Lawyer Rocco Galati Files Claim Against Government for Covid-19 Unlawful Acts [7 min video]

Blockbuster interview – note well

Transcript of Rocco’s comments that follow is not word for word.

00:51 mins Rocco Galati:
The first thing we seek is a Declaration from the court that the COVID measures are neither scientifically nor medically based, they’re scientifically and medically irrational, and arbitrary by far probably to a factor of 12 to 14 to 1.

More people died as a direct result of the COVID measures than actually died from purported COVID 19. This is all about retooling the world order, the new economic new world order. It’s got nothing to do with health.

26:05 mins The premier children’s hospital in the world put out a report on June 17.20 stating that masks and social distancing for children is 1] completely unnecessary and 2] inflicts long-term serious psychological trauma and damage to children’s upbringing because children are developing in identifying and nurturing their social circles; mask them, and separate them, and you damage an entire generation.

29:04 mins The reason they don’t require very young children to mask is they know they won’t keep them on, they don’t understand and so they won’t comply. That tells you it’s got nothing to do with health or medicine or science. It’s got to do with control. A 9 or 10 year old can be conditioned and brow beaten into keeping that mask on, and that’s why it’s there.

Our species is being stripped of our humanness

33:45 mins Throughout the slave trade all over the world masks were used as the prop of obedience to remind slaves when they were being bought and sold they are property not human beings. It’s a prop of obedience, it psychologically breaks you down, it turns citizen against citizen, and it increases the panic level.


New Zealand and Australia are now testing grounds

35:24 mins Soldiers going door to door with police. Compulsory testing. If a seven-year-old tests positive and nobody else does, keeping in mind the test is bogus to begin with, they are taken to a quarantine camp, the child alone for quarantine, and a mandatory vaccination without any consent.

We’re in the early stages of the
 4th Reich, Nazism contrary to the Nuremberg code that came out of world war II because of the eugenics experiment, medical experimentation.

We’re there! They’re doing it! They’re floating it in Australia and New Zealand first because they don’t have a bill of rights, so parliament can do what it wants and nobody can challenge it in the court.

Australia’s Move Towards Authoritarianism Under the Guise of Public Health

As we’re starting to see, a range of draconian measures are being implemented under the guise of ‘public health and safety’, and these have deeply concerning implications, particularly if sunset clauses are not adhered to, and these rules eventually creep into permanence.

COVID Marshals – Australia

A COVID Marshal is required for the following prescribed operations:

  1. The onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (indoors or outdoors).
  2. Religious or faith-based ceremonies (other than wedding ceremonies or funeral services).
  3. Supermarkets and hardware stores.
  4. Distribution centres (including associated transport operations).
  5. Gymnasiums and fitness centres.
  6. Swimming pools used by the public.
  7. Sporting clubs.
  8. Any activity where a COVID Management Plan is required.
  9. Any operation which may be defined by the state coordinator.

What is our timeline compared to Down Under?

36:54 mins If they think they can get away with it, I predict it will come with the second wave in the fall [Nov?]. They’re manufacturing the second wave. Our public health officials said we’re going to have peaks and valleys until 2022. How the hell does she [Theresa Tam] know that unless they were planning it that way?

Worse than a fascist regime in the second world war

40:09 mins This smells like the catholic inquisition of the 1500s where if you dared say the earth is is not flat, literally like they did to Galileo, they burnt his eyes out. If you criticize the WHO or public health officers or governments, and say anything critical about COVID they censor you, they come after you, they vilify you. If you’re professional they’ll move to remove your license.

The end game

42:57 mins They’re burning down the economy to wipe out the large independent and small businesses in favor of the global corporations whom they control through their friends. You’ve got surveillance and contact tracing. The end game,, and I’m not inventing this, they said it. It’s in their videos and statements. They want everybody vaccinated all over the world through which they can survey you with the contact tracing apps on your cell phone, and now 5G gives them the capacity, the bandwidth to survey every human being.

I don’t have to fill in the gaps to say all these people are full of sh!t. Go back to a 2011 Ted Talk, and newspaper article, where Bill Gates was advocating sterilization through forced vaccination. That came out of his mouth.

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5G, like COVID19, is about control

The predator class knows exactly how to seduce individuals [5G, high speed, wireless] and or project enormous fear [COVID19], so the majority give them what they want, which is ultimate control of man’s body, mind, spirit/soul power.

Deployment of 800,000 5G “small cell” antennas near homes and interconnecting 50 billion more radiation-emitting devices, as this current plan dictates, is going to result in a health crisis. In fact, widespread sickness already exists. Ignoring the evidence is merely going to increase the size of the problem.

Please. Spread the facts about New Zealand, Australia, and 5G untested for human health and safety. Inform people about a world wide communist takeover unless millions of people wise up, rise up, and step out of fear into personal power ‘together’ to stop it. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino