Stunning Satellite Images Of Beirut Blast Epicenter

Close-up satellite ‘before and after’ photos have been produced by Planet Labs Inc., and republished by CNN, of Tuesday afternoon’s enormous explosion centered on the Beirut port.

The images confirm every building at the vital port, through which the majority of commerce and staples, including the nation’s grain supply comes, has been utterly destroyed.


BEFORE, via Planet Labs/CNN


AFTER, via Planet Labs/CNN

huge crater can be seen at the center of the leveled port.

Another angle  before and after:


The shockwave from the blast, which Lebanese officials now estimate left between three and five billion dollars worth of damage, resulted in damage to homes up to miles away from the blast site.

Hundreds of thousands are reported to be essentially homeless, given entire walls were ripped off residential buildings up to a mile away, with windows shattered multiple miles away.

Close-up view from the port toward the downtown Beirut area:

Top Beirut city government official Marwan Abboud told AFP: “It resembles what happened in Japan, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” referencing the atomic bombs dropped during WWII.

“In my life, I haven’t seen destruction on this scale,” he said.

Before and after SkySat imagery shows the impact of yesterday’s explosion in Beirut. Imagery captured on May 31, 2020 and today, August 5, 2020.


There are a number of shocking clips now circulating showing live feeds in progress the moment the blast tore through the city.

Watch as one woman’s wedding shoot was disrupted by the blast:

Thankfully, the couple was unharmed after fleeing for cover along with the cameraman. They were later able to continue the wedding, though badly shaken by the ordeal.

In another terrifying instance, a BBC interview was in progress, when the interviewee appeared to be thrown from her chair:

And watch as a Maronite Catholic priest was serving mass the minute the blast went off.

Chunks of the church’s roof are seen falling as the priest dashes from the altar and tries to dive for cover.

Lebanese rescue services are reportedly still digging through rubble, looking for survivors or in some cases the deceased.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Netanyahu Debunks Beruit Fertilizer Conspiracy Theory – Confirms “It was a nuke” 🙂

    Ask Bibi about the W54 pits stolen from the Pantex facility.

    WASHINGTON, July 28, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following is being released by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy — The FBI partially declassified and released files linking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a nuclear technology smuggling ring that targeted the United States. The declassified files are now publicly available online at

    FBI agents interviewed indicted American smuggler Richard Kelly Smyth on April 16-17, 2002, at the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles. The secret interview report details how during trips to Israel Smyth’s handler placed him in contact with Benjamin Netanyahu at Heli Trading Company. The FBI report suggests that “Smyth and [Netanyahu] would meet in restaurants in Tel Aviv and in [Netanyahu’s] home and/or business. It was not uncommon for [Netanyahu] to ask Smyth for unclassified material.”
    Bush led team investigated the theft of 350 nuclear pits, plutonium pits, from Pantex from as early as 1993 onward. The pits were removed and loaded onto refrigeration trucks that normally carry meat and carried to West Texas “repackaged” at a fertilizer plant there.

    By a curious co-incidence and nicely erasing evidence the fertilizer factory blew up. “leaving a 12 foot deep crater”.

    So there we have it Bibi provides the proof that a whole fertilizer plant going up only produces a 12 ft deep crater.

    Deadly 2013 Texas plant blast deemed “criminal act”

    Now check out the satellite images of the Beruit crater.

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