Special Announcement from The Free People Alliance


The Coronavirus psychological warfare attack on our nations by the criminals of the Outgoing World Order has spawned not just  a national and global resistance movement on an unprecedented scale with unprecedented speed, it has accelerated the grassroots growth off the new Free World Order as people come together against a common – indeed, the only – enemy and their collaborators in our own government.

     We are pleased to feature this announcement from our friends in the influential freedom fighters’ group, The Free People Alliance.
      We’ll be going to this freedom march. Hope to see you there!


     Dear friends and fellow freedom fighters,
     We are working on a huge Doctors Protest event on 29 Aug and we have received confirmation from several high profile Doctors, including
  • Dr Adil,
  • Professor Dolores Cahil,
  • Kate Shemirani,
  • Dr Kaufman (live video link),
  • Dr Manesh,
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny,
  • Dr Buttar and
  • Dr Kevin Corbert

We are also linking with another huge German protest on the same day via live video link (last time was 1.3M in Berlin) and now with other major protests around the world!

We want about 100+ Doctors and nurses attending and leading the march to Downing Street to deliver our demands to Boris!

Several large groups involved and this may be our last chance before 2nd wave and another lockdown – Germany achieved 1.3M  people – we need to do the same or more and we can – it is vitally important every single person attends to support and promote this very important event . . .

If you are a Doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional and would like to support us and attend please message me   [john8008@live.co.uk ] as we want this protest and march to be led by the real science … we have had enough of the fake science …

Please watch this short video for our children … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLh6eCAnACA

If you could please help us to fund this critically important event with a small donation – very much appreciated – Thank you https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/uniteforfreedom

Much Love – may we all be free again soon.


The above article was originally published on UK Reloaded

Special Announcement from The Free People Alliance