Six Thousand Killed By Coronavirus Lockdown

Nick Kollerstrom – Terror on the Tube Aug 30, 2020

Here is a graph showing all deaths in England and Wales on a weekly basis, in red, over the year 2020. The ONS (Office of National statistics) provides these, as well as a helpful average figure for the five previous years, for comparison, here shown in green. We can see the massive spike …

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… in deaths which began in the last week in March, i.e. right after the lockdown. For the opening month of  this year you can see there was actually a deficit of deaths – actually 5% less, compared to previous years. Then suddenly, the fear, stress and loneliness of the lockdown started killing off old people, together with the policy of emptying out the hospitals. That big peak over April-May as well as the last week in march, shows almost six thousand people dying. Yes, it was a cull of old people.
For the months of June, July and August there was NO excess, the death  rate is absolutely normal. The lockdown was eased, cafes started opening up, and the dreadful stress eased off: the lockdown was no longer killing people. The killing spree was over!
It’s the same for every country for which reliable mortality data exists: the big surge in deaths happened after the lockdown is implemented, NOT before.
The Government tell us, “COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history.” Whereas it is actually just one more exercise in state-fabricated terror. Why do the British people fall for it?
 Did Lockdown prevent anything? I doubt it. It’s just part of the daily diet of fear-porn that the British people seem to need.